Woman Came in for a Haircut and Makeup Application, But Is Flabbergasted After Stylist Gives Her a Blonde Pixie Cut


As we get older, it can be easy to get stuck with the same look year after year. We can get comfortable with the same hairstyle and the same makeup products.

As we get older, our hair changes, and our skin changes, not to mention that styles change. That means that it’s necessary to force ourselves to change too.

While some people can be self-motivated enough to change with the times, other people need a makeover to make it happen, and if they’re brave, they give the stylist free reign. While this can be scary at times, great stylists really do know what they’re doing and really do give their clients amazing results.

We’ve seen a lot of great makeovers that resulted in complete transformations. For example, there’s Vicki, a recently divorced woman who had been wanting a new look for a long time. After her divorce, she decided that it was finally time to transform herself. She definitely got a sassy new look.

Then there’s Angela, who kept her hair long for many years since her husband liked her hair that way. She was ready for a really short haircut, and she got exactly what she wanted.

That brings us to Mary. She wanted to grow out her grey hair, but instead, she kept dying it with the same box color. Even though she thought her current hairstyle made her look frumpy, she didn’t know how to change.

Mary knew that she needed help in order to break free from her current look, so she turned to The Makeover Guy for a complete transformation.

Even though Mary was ready for a change, she never expected a blond pixie cut! She had been hesitant to cut her hair short because she thought it would be harder to style, but it turns out that she was wrong. After her makeover, she felt beyond confident that she could keep up this style. She said, “there’s nothing to do.”

Mary was also super excited to surprise her husband with her new look. She said, “He doesn’t realize that I got more than a half an inch cut off.”

Mary and her husband had been married for 27 years, and her makeover was her anniversary present to him. We think he was probably even more surprised by her new look than she was. Honestly, we’re not sure he’d even recognize her at first glance. That’s how different she looked post-makeover.

See Mary’s amazing transformation in the video below.

Do you think you could rock a pixie cut like Mary? If you’re married, how would your husband react if you came home with such a drastically different look?