We Really Struggled to Find the Little Fish Hiding Among the Octopuses


Octopuses are arguably some of the weirdest creatures to exist in the ocean. With their eight tentacles and slimy, googly eyes, they’re truly a sight to be seen. And while we’ve never seen an octopus up close and personal, we HAVE come across several of them in Gergely Dudás’ latest puzzle.

If you don’t know, Gergely Dudás is a famous illustrator, most known for his hide and seek style of work. He essentially specializes in making images of random objects, animals, you name its—and then throws one hidden one in the mix and tells you to find it.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it’s not! We’re consistently stumped on his puzzles, whether it’s trying to find the frog hidden among the leaves, the bunny hidden among the cats or the mouse among the mushrooms (see what we mean by random?).

As silly as these puzzles sound, they’re seriously hard. Like really hard. The hidden object is usually so well hidden that. It’s near impossible to find. But thankfully, Dudás always has offers a “Solutions” button, which gives away the answer once you’ve given up.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to have to use the “Solutions” button in his latest puzzle. It’s got to be the most difficult one yet! This is where those octopuses come in.

In the picture below, Dudás is asking us to find the little fish hidden among the octopuses. In the photo are dozens among dozens of red octopuses scattered among each other. A few are digging for buried treasure, a few are trying to get on land, and a few are dressed up—one in a top hat and one in a pink bow. Okay, so maybe they are kinda cute!

The point is, there are absolutely no fish to be found in this puzzle! At least, not one we can see with the naked eye.

You take a look and let us know if you can find the hidden fish below.

Did you find the fish? How long did it take you to find?

If you give up trying to find the fish, here’s the solutions page. Only click if you really want to know! And be sure to check out more of Dudlof’s puzzles on his blog.

What are your favorite kind of optical illusions? Do you enjoy doing puzzles like these? If not, what do you enjoy doing as a mindless activity?