This Girl Waited Until She Was 16 to Get Her First Haircut. Her Hair Makeover Will Amaze You!

Let’s be honest, getting haircuts can be a big deal! We often hear sentiments like “But it’s just hair” and “It will grow back,” but we all know that a bad-looking haircut is a hard reality to face. That’s why so many women (and a few men out there) like to just keep their hair long and get occasional trims for maintenance. It may not result in the most interesting hairstyle, but it’s a safe one. That was the road that one 16 year-old took until she decided to make a HUGE change. Wait until you see the before and after photos on this one . . .

Roxy, a 16-year-old student from Virginia, had long hair. We’re not just talking past-the-shoulder long— think Rapunzel long! In fact, she had never received a haircut in her entire life.

Eventually, Roxy began to have a change of heart in regards to the length. She says, “I decided to cut my hair because it was time. I’m going to college in January; I’m growing up. I’m going to be 17 in March.”

Could you imagine getting rid of all of that hair?! A huge part of Roxy’s identity was wrapped up in her mane, so this sure was a big choice for the teenager. When asked how she felt pre-haircut she said, “Excited. NERVOUS!”

Fortunately, Seventeen hooked Roxy up with one of the best stylist in the biz, Danilo. How many average teenagers can say that they’ve had their hair cut by the guy who does Britney Spears’ and Gwen Stefani’s?

The wonderful thing about this particular cut is that Roxy decided to donate a good portion of her hair to a charity called Great Lengths, an organization that helps create wigs for cancer patients. Danilo says that this is the longest amount of hair donated from a single person in the charity’s history.

After the first initial chop, Roxy’s hair fell right at her elbows. She exclaimed, “Oh my god! It’s so short!” Well, every person does have a unique perspective, right?

Danilo went on to the styling phase, where he gave Roxy long layers and added some texture into her hair. Roxy originally came in with the idea to base her hair off of one of Vanessa Hudgens’ popular styles, a long, wavy cut with bangs. When all of the styling is finished, the transformation is truly breathtaking.

Check out that end result! Roxy, of course, started out as a beautiful girl, but the cut gives her a more mature look. It frames her face and affords her much more character than before.

Nonetheless, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Does she like it? Thankfully, Roxy is pleased with the new cut. Of the change she says, “It’s like a totally new transformation. I love it so much.”

Watch the video below to see how Seventeen helped Roxy achieve her fabulous hair makeover.

Have you ever made a drastic change to your hair? Would you ever consider growing your locks out to Roxy’s previous length? Do you have any secrets for growing long, healthy hair? Tell us all about your stories and ideas in the comments section below!