Firefighters Rescue a Terrified Horse Trapped in an Icy Pond

It’s been a busy winter for first responders in Texas.

The state, which usually experiences mild temperatures during the winter months, was recently hit with a major winter storm. Backyards were covered with snow, roadways became sheets of ice, and millions of residents were without power. The unprecedented weather event had people across the state in a panic, as they were not equipped to deal with the aftermath of the extreme temperatures. 

Firefighters in Texas were kept on their toes with calls relating to the severe weather. The bulk of the calls pertained to activated carbon monoxide alarms, broken water mains, and structure fires. Then there was the one about the horse. Yes, you read that correctly… a horse.

On Feb. 18, Denton County Emergency Services received a report of a horse that had fallen into an icy pond. Using a water rescue suit, firefighters successfully roped the animal and walked her to safety. 

“The firefighter was cold but doing OK after getting out of the weather and warming up,” the agency said on social media.

The horse, whose name is Rose, appears anxious in the video as firefighters attempt to lead her from the cold water. Eventually, she allows the rope to be placed around her and follows the firefighter to dry land.

“Update on Rose, the horse who tried to go ice skating yesterday,” her owner said on social media. “She is doing well this evening and starting to act like her old self again.”

Check out the video below to see the amazing rescue. We’re touched by how patient and gentle the firefighter was with the horse and are grateful she had a crowd waiting on the sidelines to warm her up once she was out of the pond.

Do you live somewhere that experiences harsh winter weather? If so, what are your best tips for keeping safe on the ice? Let us know!