Finding the Acorn Hidden Among the Autumn Leaves Is No Easy Feat

Who’s ready for another Gergely Dudás optical illusion?

If you don’t know, Dudás, also referred to as “Dudlof,” is a children’s book illustrator most famous for his seek-and-find picture games. Similar to the “Where’s Waldo” concept, he basically draws hidden objects into cartoony illustrations and sees how quickly you can find them, offering fun and mindless activities for kids—and if we’re being honest, adults, too.

He tends to keep his work seasonal, which makes things even more exciting. For example, last winter, he stumped us with this wintry snowman puzzle and in the summer, he asked us to find the butterfly among the sunflowers. Sometimes, he incorporates holidays, like hiding a Santa Claus among a festive optical illusion, and during Halloween, finding a polar bear among a sea of ghosts.

All of his puzzle are pretty hard—but that’s what makes them so addicting. Since we’re in autumn now, Dudás of course has a new puzzle that’s related to autumn. And we think it may just be his best, most tough puzzle yet! Check it out below.

He’s asking us to find a small acorn among dozens of autumn leaves. The photo consists of a slew of red, orange, yellow, brown and green leaves—similar to what a typical yard might look like in peak October. To make it more fun, he added some more autumnal elements hiding among everything, like adorable hedgehogs, mushrooms, and apples. He swears there’s an acorn in there too, but at first glance, it can be pretty hard to spot.

For even more fun, Dudás included a video he made detailing an inside look on how he went about creating this masterpiece—something we’ve never seen before in his other puzzles.

In the nearly 3-minute video, you can really see just how much work goes into producing one of his puzzles and how it all comes to life. For this puzzle, he used a mechanical pencil and an ink pen, and then colored it in Photoshop.

So, have you spotted that acorn yet? Probably not—it’s pretty well hidden! Some of the leaves are shaped to look similar to an acorn, but a closer look shows that it’s really just a leaf.

If you’re still having trouble and see to give up, you can find the solution here!

Tell us: Did you find the acorn yourself or did you have to click to see? If you did spot it, how long did it take you? We can’t wait to see what Dudás has next up his sleeve!