Finding Santa’s Missing Hat on This Wrapping Paper Is the Hardest Puzzle Challenge We’ve Encountered Yet

Holiday Cottages

Christmas is quickly approaching, and we’re taking a break from mailing Christmas cards and shopping for presents to de-stress with a few brain teasers.

We love brain teasers because they’re challenging yet 100% solvable. They help us focus and temporarily forget about our to-do list.

If you need a break from your holiday to-do list, you might enjoy trying some of these hidden picture brain teasers, like one where a sheep is hiding in the Santas or one where a bear is hiding among the reindeer. They sound easy to solve, but they’re just tricky enough that it’s a fun challenge.

Now, we’ve discovered a new hidden picture brain teaser that comes with a fun story. Holiday Cottages created a picture that looks like a wrapped present. The challenge is to find Santa’s hat, but why did Santa lose his hat in the first place?

“After a busy year in the North Pole, Santa’s elves have finally got all the toys wrapped and loaded onto his sleigh, ready to be delivered to all the good boys and girls on Christmas day. The snow is beginning to fall, and Rudolph and his reindeer friends are all harnessed and ready to go – but oh no, where’s Santa’s hat?

It seems one of those cheeky elves might have accidentally wrapped it up with all the other presents!”

The hat is hidden in the wrapping paper pattern. You’ll need to look very closely to solve this one! See how long it takes you to find Santa’s hat in the picture below.

If you’re having trouble solving this hidden picture puzzle, here are a few tips. First of all, try starting at one corner of the picture and working your way across the picture to make sure you see every detail. Also, be sure you look closely at the details. The Santa hat is drawn in white just like all the other decorations on the wrapping paper, so it can be tricky to find.

Want another hint? Are you sure? The hat is hidden on the top half of the picture.

Still can’t find it? If you give up and want to know the answer, you can find it here.

Were you able to find Santa’s hat on the wrapping paper? How long did it take? What’s your favorite hidden picture puzzle?