People Are Struggling to Find the Snake Hidden in the Jungle

Gergely Dudás

Taking a break from work or school is not a waste of time. We all need to relax and rest our mind so that we can stay sharp and problem solve. The key is making sure that we’re using our free time and breaks wisely.

One great way to keep your brain sharp while still playing a fun game is to solve a hidden picture puzzle. These puzzles can be challenging yet very rewarding when we finally find the hidden object.

Hidden picture puzzles designed for children might be incredibly easy for adults, but there are many great hidden picture games that are challenging no matter your age.

Gergely Dudás, also known simply as Dudolf, is a master at creating challenging hidden picture puzzles. From pictures of mushrooms to a hidden frog, we’ve found that many of these puzzles take longer than we thought they would to solve.

If you’re ready to try out your hidden picture skills, we would like to challenge you to find the snake hiding in this picture of the jungle.


As you can see, the picture is mainly green, and at first, you might assume that the snake is wrapped around a tree. Those green vines do look a lot like snakes, but they are not snakes.

There are a couple ways to attempt to solve a challenging hidden picture puzzle like this one. At first, you might attempt to scan the picture to find the object you’re looking for. In this case, that would mean looking for the snake. If that fails, you would need to try another strategy.

One great way to find a hidden object is to start at one corner of the picture and slowly look all the way across the picture, kind of like you do when reading a sentence. Then drop your eyes down slightly and slowly look at the next area of the picture, working your way across the picture again.

For example, you could start at the top left corner of the picture and work your way across and slowly work your way down until you’ve scanned the entire picture and ended in the bottom right corner.

When we say “scan the picture,” we really mean that you need to look at every single detail. This snake is hidden quite well, and it took us awhile to find it.

If you still can’t find the snake, you can click here for the answer key.

How long did it take you to find the hidden snake? What was your strategy for searching for it in the jungle picture?