People Are Struggling to Find the Queen Bee Amid This Swarm of Bees

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Gergely Dudás strikes again!

Dudás, aka “Dudlof,” is a children’s book illustrator who specializes in creating fun seek-and-find picture games that are stumping adults and kids alike. Lately, he’s been putting out a ton of them that continue to make us, admittedly, stare at our computer screens for entirely too long trying to find his hidden objects or creatures.

For example, can you find the mouse among the squirrels in this photo? He created dozens of adorable little squirrels everywhere with just one measly mouse hidden, and we’re willing to bet you’ll spend a long time trying to find him! (Hint: look for the round ears instead of the pointy ones!).

Another hard Dudlof puzzle: finding the tiny snowman among the other wintry objects like snowflakes and snowballs. As you search for the snowman, your eyes might begin to get heavy. You might look at every crevice of the photo—up and down, left to right, bottom to top. It’s seriously tough!

But Dudlof keeps on coming with his tough puzzles. His latest is probably one of his hardest yet: Finding the queen bee among a bunch of other bees.

Now, luckily. this is probably the cutest swarm of bees you ever did see. One way Dudlof likes to stump us is to make all of the creatures aww-worthy so that you get distracted trying to find the hidden one you’re on the hunt for.

Each bee is cuter than the next. There are happy bees, laughing bees, bees with bow ties, bees with baseball caps, even bees with glasses! One has a beanie, one has a Santa hat, and one is donning a top hat. But none of these are queen bees. Where is that darn queen?

Have you spotted her yet?

Hint: Queens wear crowns, and this one is no different. You may want to try skimming the top of the bees’ heads for the bee wearing a crown.

The problem is, the crown that the queen is wearing blends in with the stripes of the other bees in the photo. Dudlof is just too good!

Nonetheless, you can do it. Check out the photo below to find the queen bee, and then tell us how long it took you to find her.


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Did you find the queen bee? How long did it take you to spot?

If you still haven’t found the queen, you can find the solution here!