Can You Find the Pear In This Autumn-Themed Puzzle?

Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

Ah, fall—it’s one of the best times of year, for many reasons! You’ve got the crunchy sounds of the leaves as you walk through piles, aromas of apple cider that fill through the air, and of course, pumpkin-flavored everything in sight.

Autumn is so lovely that one illustrator named Gergely Dudás creates various puzzles that specifically relate to the season. Really, he makes puzzles for all seasons—for example, last winter, he stumped us with this wintry snowman puzzle and in the summer, he asked us to find the butterfly among the sunflowers. Sometimes, he incorporates holidays, like hiding a Santa Claus among a festive optical illusion, and during Halloween, finding a polar bear among a sea of ghosts.

But autumn is where he goes crazy and are the bases of some of his most challenging puzzles of all. For example, finding the acorn hidden among the autumn leaves or the mouse among the squirrels are two of our favorite autumnal puzzles. And now, for his arguably most difficult fall puzzle yet: trying to find a pear and a hamster among a slew of corn.

At first, the puzzle looks relatively easy, since there aren’t a ton of objects in there to distract you, as he usually creates. In fact, the photo is mostly hay/autumn-looking flowers, with a few crows and pumpkins sprawled in there. How could finding two very different objects in the scene be that difficult?

Well, it is! Don’t believe us? See for yourself below:

Did you spot either of them?

Let’s think about the pear first. Since the shape of the main object in the photo is shaped similarly to a pear, it makes it all the more difficult to spot. Be sure to scan the screen, up and down, back and forth, until you can find the actual pear.

As for the hamster, we’ll give you a hint: He’s a tiny little guy! He’s so small that you’ll probably miss him the first few times you scan the photo. Just keep looking!

If you’re ready to give up, Dudás always provides a solution page, so that you can find the answer, even if you can’t find it initially yourself. Check here for the solution!

Were you able to find the pear or hamster the first go-around? Or did you have to check the solutions page? What Dudás puzzle is the hardest for you? And on the contrary—which one did you find the easiest?