Can You Find the Four-Leaf Clover Hidden Among the Pigs?

Gergely Dudás

Every year when we see clover growing outside, we can’t help but look and see if we happen to see a four-leaf clover. The rare clover is usually there if you look hard enough, but we often give up before we find it. Only once or twice have we actually succeeded at finding a real four-leaf clover.

While a four-leaf clover is considered lucky, we think a digital four-leaf clover can be just as lucky. If you’d like to try finding one from your phone or computer, you’re in luck. We’ve found a hidden picture puzzle that includes a hidden four-leaf clover. While it is hidden very well, we’re happy to report that we found it without too much trouble, and you can too.

Artist Gergely Dudás is the wizard who created this fun to solve picture puzzle. The challenge is a simple one. Find the four-leaf clover. However, the picture doesn’t make it easy to focus on the challenge.

The picture is filled with cute, colorful pigs standing in a field of clover. It can be easy to get distracted by the pig in the top hat or fact that in real life pigs aren’t blue, green or yellow. Try not to get distracted. There’s a four-leaf clover and the resulting good luck it brings at stake.

Take a look at the hidden picture puzzle below and see if you can find the hidden four-leaf clover.

If you’re struggling to solve this puzzle, remember to try not to get distracted. It often helps to start in one corner of a hidden picture puzzle and methodically work your way across and around the picture carefully looking at every detail. For this particular puzzle, that means you’ll need to look at every clover until you find the one that has four leaves.

If you give up and don’t have time to keep looking for the four-leaf clover, or if you think you’ve found it and want to be sure, you can find the answer here. Please, only look at the answer if you’re sure you’re done searching for the four-leaf clover.

Did it take you very long to find the hidden four-leaf clover? Have you ever found a real four-leaf clover? Do you believe that a four-leaf clover is lucky?