People Are Struggling to Find The Angry Man In This Picture

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Optical illusions can be entertaining, but sometimes they can also be frustrating. They are entertaining when we get them fairly quickly. They are frustrating when we don’t see what we think we should be seeing. We know we’re missing something, but we just can’t figure it out.

Sometimes optical illusions are like a test. If you see one thing, it supposedly means something about your personality or the way your brain works. If you see something else instead, it means something else. These assumptions may not always be true. In fact, sometimes they might be completely wrong, so it’s important not to get too upset if an optical illusion stumps you.

We were recently stumped by an optical illusion of an angry man. What’s confusing is that the supposedly angry man looks pretty happy to us. Look at the picture below. While he doesn’t look overjoyed exactly, we wouldn’t say he looks angry either.

The trick is to look at the picture just right so that you can also see an angry man. Supposedly only about 1% of people can see the angry man without assistance. Look at the picture above again. Do you see the angry man?

If, like us, you’re still struggling to find the angry man, we can help. We were able to see the happy man and the angry man with the assistance of a short video. In the video, we start by looking at the picture of the man, just like you already did. Then, we’re told where to look and what to avoid looking at in order to see the angry man.

Watch the video below and see if it helps you see the angry man in this picture.

In the comments of the video, many people found this video incredibly helpful, but some argue that the “angry man” is not actually angry at all. They describe him as “skeptical” or “a man raising his eyebrow.”

Did you find the angry man right away, or did you need to watch the video? Do you think the “angry man” looks angry?