Can You Help the Penguins Find 4 Stars In the Snow Globes?

Gergely Dudás

Ready for another Gergely Dudás puzzle? A Hungarian children’s author, Dudás, also known as Dudlof, is most famous for his seek-and-find cartoons and he creates all kinds of illustrations where you’re instructed to try and find a hidden object within the photo.

We’re pretty big fans of his work. For example, one of his latest puzzles has us trying to find the apples within the bird houses. The photo features numerous red birds with round heads, tweeting among their bird houses. Dudlof has hidden three apples among the photo, which are nearly impossible to find because the birds already look like apples, so the real thing really blends in!

Another favorite Dudlof photo is this wintry bit where he has us searching for the mug of cocoa among the penguins. In the image, penguins of all sorts are happily gallivanting in the white stuff—some are even swimming in pools of ice. Some have hats and scarves on, some are making a snowman together, and some are just simply bracing the cold, as penguins do. But of course, Dudlof hid a mug of cocoa for them to warm up together—and it’s up to you to find it (it’s not easy!).

One of the most timeless puzzles he has created is when he asked us to find an actual needle in a haystack. Sure, you hear that phrase all the time, but do you know how hard it is to find an actual tiny needle in a pile of hay—especially an illustrated pile of hay? Extremely!

The only thing that may be harder than all of the above is Dudlof’s latest image. In it, there are seven adorable penguins all playing among a sea of snow globes. The snow gloves all have different items in them—from snowmen to trees to presents and more. The one object that you might not notice right away are yellow stars. Dudlof hid four of them among the photo and is tasking viewers to find them.

There are a few things that make this puzzle extra difficult. For one, the stars are tiny, like the other snow globe objects. And secondly, there are four you need to find! So even if you find one, two, or even three, if you don’t find that fourth, then you didn’t complete the puzzle.

Okay, no pressure. Ready to start looking> Check out the photo below to try and find the four stars in the snow globes.

Were you able to find all of them? If so, how long did it take you? If not, don’t worry—if you need to give up, Dudlof always provides a solution. Click here to find out where he hid the four stars.