Only A Genius Can Find All FOUR Socks In This Photo

Gergely Dudas

Gergely Dudás, also known as “Dudolf,” has gifted the world with another adorable, yet deeply frustrating, seek-and-find photo.


This gift comes just in time for the holidays and aesthetically lines right up with them, too. This adorable illustration features the standard red and green colour palate many of us have come to associate with Christmas and other winter holidays. In a delightfully sweet little twist, the illustration also includes a couple of little Christmas bunnies. What are Christmas bunnies? I won’t pretend that I know, but I will confess that I love them!


Clearly, this is a super super cute drawing and, unless you’ve seen us share Dudás’ work in the past, you’re probably wondering why I also called it deeply frustrating. His pieces aren’t just for looking at, they’re for searching in, like a classic childrens’ seek-and-find book, and they are notoriously hard to solve!

We’re pretty big fans and we love to share his work, which means we’ve gotten fairly good at being able to find the hidden items in the photos… Or, at least, we thought we were getting good at it. This one took more than a few minutes to identify the socks (maybe stockings?) in the ocean of bows.


One of the things that makes his illustrations so effective is that he throws in other little details to distract you from your mission. I was delighted when I found the candy cane in this photo. But, wait a minute… I wasn’t looking for a candy cane! I was supposed to be looking for socks! (Fun fact! If you say the name of the thing you are looking for out loud while you look for it, you are more likely to be able to find it. Think of this the next time you lose your “keys… keys….keys…”)


There are only four socks in this picture, but be prepared for it to take you a good while to find them all! It is so satisfying when you finally solve the puzzle and find all the items. If you get stuck, though, don’t worry! You are certainly not alone in that and because of that, Dudás always includes a handy dandy “solution” button so you can see what you were missing and maybe get a hang of his games so you can play again- and win-  the next time he releases a new puzzle. Or maybe you’re a real whiz at this and you’ll have no trouble at all finding the socks among the bows. Either way, good luck and happy puzzling to you!


Did you find this difficult?  Have you seen any of Dudás work before? If you have, what do you think makes them unique as compared to other seek-and-find photos?