Fed-Up Girlfriend Gets Revenge On Thanksgiving When Boyfriend’s Mother Won’t “Remember” Her Name

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Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time can be a little bit nerve wracking. Will they approve? Will they accept you? Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard someone tries to be liked by their boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents, the parents have decided to be rude, cold or downright disrespectful.

One young woman shared a story of how she got revenge on her boyfriend’s mother on Thanksgiving, and while most Reddit users believe she did in fact do something horribly wrong, they also believe she was completely justified.

She starts by explaining about her boyfriend’s previous relationship. His previous girlfriend was his high school sweetheart. She explained, “They fell out of love and broke up. A year later we started dating. His mom however was still heartbroken about it. I was very understanding and thought she needed time to get to know me. The ex basically grew up with them and they saw her as a part of the family.”

Her boyfriend’s mother still refuses to call her by her correct name. She wrote, “For the first year of my relationship his mom would call me ex’s name, until bf got angry once and told her to be nice. She laughed it off and said it was just a habit. After that she started calling me the wrong name. (Janet instead of Jenny; fictional names just for the story). I corrected her a couple of times but she seemed to like hurting me so I ignored it later.”

The situation escalated shortly before Thanksgiving. She explained, “My bf has two sisters and a couple of weeks before thanksgiving we were invited to bbq at the older sister’s house. I was in the kitchen with my bf’s mom, the sisters and one of their husbands. The older sister then talked about how my BF praised my cooking to her husband and the mom was listening. She then said iut loud ‘SURE! Why don’t we let Janet make the turkey this year?’. The sisters giggled and looked at each other and I said ‘thats a great idea!’ I didn’t tell my bf what happened.”

She continued, “On thanksgiving we went to his mom’s house with the usual wine and dessert. She was shocked l, everybody was shocked.” You see, everyone assumed they were bringing the turkey. Keep in mind that the boyfriend still didn’t know this.

The girlfriend’s response is priceless. She said, “What? I thought Janet is bringing the turkey!”

The aftermath did not go well. She wrote, “There was yelling, crying and then we got kicked out. My bf is so angry with me he hasn’t talked to me since. I think it’s over tbh. But I still don’t think I did anything wrong! Did I?”

Reddit users think she should’ve told her boyfriend ahead of time that she was mad that his mom didn’t call her by her real name, and she should’ve told him about her plan not to bring a turkey on Thanksgiving. That said, pretty much everyone agrees that her revenge was perfect. One comment reads, “You should have spoken to your boyfriend. It’s his family, and he was going to get the brunt of the fallout. It’s not fair to spring it on him like that. I understand your reasons, I really do. His mother is completely horrible, and most likely, so is his whole family. But you should have gone to him. That’s not a thing you do to someone you love. Even though his mother was the one starting the problems, you did hurt him. I’m not saying you owed them a turkey. You should have sat him down and said, ‘I’m not putting up with this anymore. I’m not making the turkey, and your mom is going to respect me, or I’m going to leave. I need you to stand with me on this. Have someone else do the turkey.’ You should have given him a chance to stand up for you (UNLESS you’ve already discussed this, and he’s dropped the ball repeatedly. In that case, carry on).”

Other Reddit users are baffled that the boyfriend’s mom didn’t verify that they were in fact bringing the turkey. One person wrote, “Wait a minute–there was no follow-up before the big day to confirm that you were actually to bring a turkey? One would think were that the case. bf’s mom would have had you over to roast it at her house. Hauling an x-lb turkey from your place to theirs is a lot different than bringing over a pumpkin pie.”

Do you think Jenny did anything wrong? Have you ever had anyone insist on calling you the wrong name?