FDA Issues Warning About Food Prepared with Liquid Nitrogen

If you’ve been to a mall or fair recently, chances are you’ve come across a food kiosk selling a very interesting item–liquid nitrogen-infused cereal. It’s called Dragon’s Breath, and it’s been a huge social media hit this summer. The sweet treat, which reportedly tastes like ice-cold cereal, is known for giving off its signature “smokey” effect when the customer chows down on it.

For the most part, it’s a fun fad aimed at keeping kids distracted on a long shopping day, but, according to the FDA, it’s a treat that should be handled with caution. This week, the agency released an alert urging consumers to avoid eating any foods or drinks that are prepared with liquid nitrogen at the point of sale. Although it’s a non-toxic ingredient, the super-cold substance can cause severe burns, both internal or external, when handled or prepared improperly.

In addition to those risks, medical professionals are beginning to become concerned about asthma patients consuming the treat. This comes after the story of Johnny, a young boy who had to be rushed to the hospital and given epinephrine after trying the treat. According to his mother, Johnny’s asthma isn’t serious and only requires at-home treatment a few times per year. This motivated her to share her story on social media so that kids and adults with all forms of asthma realize the dangers associated with Dragon’s Breath. Good to know!

We’re happy to see that the FDA is starting to inform consumers on this potentially dangerous food trend. To learn more about these liquid nitrogen treats and to see what a retailer has to say about the controversy, be sure to watch the video below.

What do you think about the Dragon’s Breath trend? Have you tried it? Would you let your kid try it?