Farmers’ Almanac Make Winter Prediction for 2023/2024

Epitavi via Deposit Photos

It has officially been fall for a couple weeks now, and as the weather cools down, we can’t help but wonder how cold it will get this winter. Will there be a lot of snow? Will it be a mild winter?

Weather predictions are never 100% accurate, but sometimes they come really close to predicting exactly what type of weather we can expect. Two sources of weather predictions are the Farmer’s Almanac and the Old Farmer’s Almanac. According to these weather guides, we can pretty much know what this winter is going to look like.

The Farmer’s Almanac has been in publication since 1818. Meanwhile the Old Farmer’s Almanac has been in publication since 1792. Their names are almost identical, but they are competitors.

According to Farmer’s Almanac editor Pete Geiger, it’s going to be a cold and wet winter. Geiger explained, “After a weird and warm winter season last year, this winter should make cold weather fans rejoice—especially those in the Great Lakes, Midwest, and northern New England areas.” He added, “the ‘brrr’ is coming back! We expect more snow and low temperatures nationwide.”

Obviously, exactly how wet and cold this winter will be depends on where you live, but overall, the entire United States can expect a colder and wetter winter than usual. The east coast can expect a lot more snow than usual. Texas can expect colder weather than usual, and even Florida should be beware of possible frost. Meanwhile, on the west coast, in the north, there will be more snow than usual, and in the south, there will be enough rain to prevent a drought.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t have the exact same prediction as the Farmer’s Almanac. Watch the video below to hear what the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts for this upcoming winter.

Do you like winter weather? Are you hoping for a lot of snow?