Eagle-Eyed Fans Predicted Kylie Jenner’s Second Pregnancy By Sleuthing Out Her Nails

kyliejenner via Instagram

Society tells us that the moment you find out you’re pregnant, you need to hide it from the rest of the world. In the chance that something might happen in the first few months of pregnancy, people typically keep the news to themselves or only share it with very close friends and family.

That notion is magnified when you’re a celebrity. Imagine strangers found out well before you were comfortable sharing the big news? Hollywood stars often have to go to great lengths to hide their pregnancies, and even then, most fans have already caught on.

TMZ recently announced that Kyle Jenner is reportedly regnant with her second child with Travis Scott—but that’s nothing that her fans haven’t already been speculating for weeks. In a Reddit thread, plus Twitter and TiKTok, fans have been sharing all of the clues and insight into thinking (no—KNOWING) she was pregnant.

Some of these clues the commonplace person never would have caught on to—like the fact that her nail polish is different. The clues didn’t exactly seem to be very factual—celebrities post photos from different points in their lives all the time. But the fact that Jenner hid her first pregnancy with Stormi Webster until after she gave birth seemed to make this all plausible.

The pregnancy rumors began in early summer when Jenner was seen wearing extra baggy clothing and ordered sushi without the fish. Sushi is a known no-no for pregnant women, plus baggy clothes aren’t Jenner’s fashion option of choice, so these seemed to be pretty big pregnancy red flags.

But that main clue was Jenner’s nail polish changing so frequently in photos she posted to her social media. For example, on her birthday on August 10, Jenner’s nails were clear at the base with bright green tips, but on the same day, she posted to her Instagram feed donning a green dress and pink nails. Then the next day, she had those green-tipped nails in an unboxing on her Instagram story.

Additionally, in the photo with her pink nails, she was standing behind a tree growing clementines—which, fans realized, are usually in bloom November through February. Hmmm, not so slick on that one, Jenner.

t definitely seemed like she was posting old photos of herself to avoid giving any clues about her pregnancy—and she inadvertently did the opposite. You just can’t fool Internet sleuths!

For the rest of the indications Jenner fans found, check out this scoop from Insider.

Did you have any suspicions that Jenner was pregnant, or did these clues go right over your head?