Woman Inspires Her Entire Family to Drop Nearly 500 Pounds

If you’ve ever felt completely out of control with your weight, you need to read this inspiring weight loss story. One woman named Sarah Bentley was completely sick and tired of being overweight, and finally decided to do something about it—and get her whole family involved too.

Sarah and her husband Dave were known for going out to restaurants all the time—and they weren’t very calorie-conscious when they did. From bagels in the morning to chicken fingers and pizza (followed by a gallon of ice cream) at night, it’s no wonder they just kept gaining weight.

“I was tired,” Sarah, 31, said. “I was always sitting at home or watching TV. Dave and I are very outgoing, happy people on the outside, but we were super uncomfortable in our skin.”

Eventually, Sarah weighed 280 pounds and Dave had reached 347 pounds. It was time for a change.

Let the weight loss begin

She knew she had to do something, but she wasn’t quite sure where to begin. Her friend told her about a health and wellness company called AdvoCare, so she decided to take a chance and try it out.

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I just had a mindset switch,” she said.

And mindset switch she got. The moment she joined the program, she was able to think more clearly. Because the program basically laid out exactly what to eat every day, she was able to easily follow it to a T.

Bye-bye bagels, hello egg white scrambles with avocado! She even got rid of the pizza and subbed them for chicken salads and cauliflower rice stir-fries. And suddenly, the weight began to come off. And she felt 100 percent better.

“I learned how to properly meal prep and eat and fuel my body,” Sarah said. “It was the energy, in the way that I felt, that’s why I decided to continue on.”

When Sarah’s parents, who were also overweight, saw how well she was doing, they knew they had to step in. “She’s got all this energy, and in three months she was down 50 pounds,” Sarah’s mom, Debbie, who weighed 299 pounds, said. “I just thought, ‘My God, she’s onto something. I have to do this.’ “

So she and her husband, Sarah’s father, Steve, who weighed 410 pounds, decided to get in and join in on the program, and then Dave finally got in on the action as well. And the results are absolutely incredible.

In just a few months, Sarah has lost 110 pounds, Dave lost 137 pounds, Debbie has lost 119, and Steve has lost 121. If you do the math, the entire family has lost a grand total of 487 pounds and are healthier than ever!

Besides simply changing up their diets, they also are much more active than they’ve ever been, and even go hiking together on a regular basis.

“I feel fantastic. I really do,” Debbie said. As another bonus, “It seems to have really brought us even closer together as a family. We do so much together now.”

How amazing is this family weight loss affair? Have you ever joined a weight-loss program that motived you to join others in losing weight?