13 People Share the ‘Facts’ That They Know to Be Wrong

Image of thinking woman pondering over somethingmegdypro4im via Deposit Photos

There are a lot of “facts” you might hear or that are widely accepted—but many actually aren’t true. Thanks to a recent Reddit thread, people shared their top “facts” that they know are actually straight-up wrong. Here are the top answers:

  1. Einstein Was Dumb

    “Einstein failed math/was otherwise a poor student.”

  2. Baby Birds Can’t Be Touched

    “’If you touch a baby bird the parents will abondon/kill it.’ Most birds don’t do that. If you help a baby bird back into its nest as long as you try not to touch the nest a lot then everything should be fine. If its an adult bird you rescued then not touching it for a day does help with it getting your scent off but not 100% needed. I know this because my mom and I rescue wild animals when they are hurt or still babies and release them when we are able to.”

  3. Personalities of Left and Right Brained People

    “Left and right brained’ people who are either more artistic or more numbers base. Just as inaccurate as the “parts of your tongue that taste different things” yet people still say it.

  4. Goldfish Are Smarter Than We Think

    “Goldfishes really do not have a memory span of 5 seconds. They actually remember things for months, recognize their owners, and are able to distinguish them from other people.”

  5. Movie Quotes Aren’t Always as They Seem

    “It’s not “Luke, I am your father” but “No, I am your father”

  6. Heads Don’t Necessarily Lose More Heat Than The Rest of You

    “Your head does not lose proportionately more heat than the rest of your body. It’s about the same.”

  7. Missing People Rules Are Wrong

    “That you have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing in the USA. There is no law about waiting, you don’t have to. Push to make the police cooperate and list the person missing immediately when you suspect something isn’t right. Don’t lose precious time; it’s extremely important if the person truly is missing.”

  8. Finger Cracking Isn’t That Bad

    “That cracking your knuckles too often will cause arthritis.”

  9. Swallowing Spiders Isn’t a Thing

    “That you swallow eight spiders a year in your sleep. The origins of that myth is so weird. It made its way around message boards in the 90s and possibly earlier. Then at some point, the Snopes Usenet board (pre-website) claimed that the myth was invented by a tech journalist who wanted to illustrate how lies spread on the internet. Except that Snopes lied, the journalist never existed. So now there’s a second layer to the myth that being the myth of who invented it and why.”

  10. How Much of Our Brain We Use

    “We only use 10% of our brain.”

  11. Haircuts Aren’t Necessary All the Time

    “Cutting your hair makes it grow faster.”

  12. Daddy Long Legs Are Sweet Creatures

    “That daddy long legs are the most venomous spider in the world they just can’t bite you.”

  13. Vitamin C is Good for a Cold

    “If you have a cold, you should get lots of Vitamin C.”

What’s a “fact” that you know is simply wrong?