19 People Who Bought Face Masks On Etsy That Offer No Protection From COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created two types of people: those who wear face masks and those who refuse to wear face masks. Despite multiple studies and examples that show how wearing face masks can be an effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some people seem to think that a face mask is an infringement on their rights as Americans.

We have seen multiple examples of customers getting very angry about rules that require them to wear face masks in stores and restaurants. We have also seen multiple examples of people who ended up getting COVID-19 after not wearing face masks, and they immediately realized they had been foolish and wanted others to learn from their mistakes.

Well, it turns out that there is a third type of person. This is basically someone who does not want to wear a face mask but is willing to give the impression that he or she is following the rules. 

Etsy sellers have created multiple face masks that cater to people who want a face mask that is “breathable.” These face masks are made with thin material or mesh fabric with lots of holes in it. Basically, these masks aren’t going to do anything to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but they will check the box when it comes to stores and cities that require face coverings in public spaces.

Scroll down to see 19 examples of people who bought “breathable” face coverings from Etsy.

  1. “No Mask Shaming”

    Amanda Sadler wrote: “Love it! No mask shame wearing these. Will order again.”

  2. “No Foggy Glasses”

    Valerie Jaros wrote: “This mask is perfect thank you, finally no foggy glasses.”

  3. “Good Quality Material

    Nikole Dominique wrote: “Love it good quality material shipped fast will shop again”

  4. “I Can Breathe”

    Mama K and Papa J wrote: “Great mask, I can breathe and it’s very comfy. Feels high quality as well. Finally don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of places due to my medical conditions.”

  5. “Amazing Craftsmanship”

    Patrick Aldridge wrote: “This mask is made with amazing craftmanship! The comfort is perfect and the feel is even better. The mask is exactly as described and I am so glad that I purchased it! This is the perfect mix of helping the fearful to feel safe while I can still breathe and not be constrained. Thank you for doing this! Made in the USA, Support small business!”

  6. “Not Worried About the Virus”

    Rachel Spearman wrote: “This is perfect if you are not worried about the virus but also don’t want to deal with people who act crazy over mask policies that don’t allow us to have our freedom. I saw a lady with one and asked where she got it I’m very pleased with my products so far although I can’t say that because of long-term use but so far it’s comfortable and breathable which is key. I already have two other friends who want to order them shoot I should get a commission for advertisement 😉”

  7. “I Get Compliments”

    Hillary wrote: “Beautifully made. I get compliments everywhere I go. I can breathe completely fine and get meet mask requirements to enter stores. So happy with my purchase! 💕”

  8. “Completely Breathable”

    Bob Kat wrote: “Love it! It’s completely breathable and fits as expected. I’m not wearing masks daily so for the rare occasion that I would be made to wear one, this gets the job done but I can still breathe and won’t pass out. Works just like any other mask, if you catch my drift 🙃”

  9. “No One Has Hassled Me”

    ericaannphoto wrote: “Love it! We have a state mask mandate and no one has hassled me about this mask yet. It’s beautiful and best of all I can breathe!”

  10. “Considered Acceptable LOL”

    Catelyn Severin wrote: “I love this mask! We have a mask “mandate” where I live and can’t shop or anything without one. This mask is considered acceptable LOL, fully breathable.”

  11. “Just What I Was Looking For!”

    Ashlee Fredenburg wrote: “This mask is just what I was looking for! Getting more in other colors ASAP!”

  12. “Wonderful Solution”

    Jeri wrote: “The first mask I ordered was too scratchy and small for my face. But, Katie offered a wonderful solution and now I am very happy with my mask. Thank you so much, Katie, for excellent customer service!!”

  13. “Much Less Obstructive”

    Chelsea Waite wrote: “I love this product. I can’t wear regular face masks due to a medical condition. This mask is much less obstructive. Thank you. I’ll prob be purchasing more.”

  14. “Lightweight, Breathable Mask”

    Queen Shorty wrote: “It’s a very nice, lightweight, breathable mask. I’m very tiny for my age but I went with a regular adult and it fits just fine. I would recommend this mask to anyone who has breathing problems.”

  15. “Everything I Expected”

    terilynn29 wrote: “This mask arrived quickly and is everything I expected! I will definitely purchase again.”

  16. “I Hope No One Yells At Me”

    Sarah Perkins wrote: “Very pleased with the quality of this mask. I hope no one yells at me for… oh wait, no one can say anything because my mouth and nose are both covered. Super excited. Thanks!”

  17. “I Beat The System”

    Lauren Chenault wrote: “Amazing mask! Unfortunately where I live you’ll get a $125 ticket if you’re not wearing one. So I beat the system. Ordered my kids ones also! So breathable”

  18. “I’m Allowed to Go Grocery Shopping”

    Amanda wrote: “Love it! It’s so comfortable, the nakedness of my face feels accentuated to spectacular degree and yet, I’m allowed to go grocery shopping. Order an Adult size, even if you are small. The youth fits my 8yr old, an adult fits me and my 14 year old, the co adult fits my husband with a giant head/beard.”

  19. “My Stance on Mask Wearing”

    Meleah Yarnell wrote: “Perfect “face covering” as a way to sarcastically show my stance on mask wearing.”