Fashion Police Have A Lot To Say About A Face Mask Bodysuit

Nowadays, we can’t leave our house without our face masks. While at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, people just wore basic solid-color masks, over the months, they’ve become more and more of a fashion statement.

Lots of retailers have begun to sell masks that match your outfit. Whether it’s a silk pink mask to go to a nice (outdoor socially-distanced) dinner in, or a plaid number to match your camping ensemble, there’s truly a mask for every occasion these days. It’s just become another staple in our wardrobes.

But wait—hold everything. If you truly want to make a fashion statement while also protecting yourself, there’s a new piece of clothing that will do just that. And it’s the outfit every stylish woman didn’t know they needed until now.

When one New York resident passed a mannequin on display in a store with the outfit on, it stopped her dead in her tracks. She quickly snapped a photo and posted it to her Twitter account with the caption, “I actually just screamed.”

We did too.

The mannequin is wearing a tight-fitting purple jumpsuit, but it’s what on top that’s making everyone “scream.”

The bodysuit has a built-in mask attached to it. So when you wear the number, it has a turtleneck-style piece of material that goes up over your neck and covers your mouth and nose, just like a mask. The difference is, it looks way cuter and you don’t even need to remember to bring a mask with you wherever you wear it to!

In fact, the Twitter post went viral with fashionistas who had a lot of good things to say about this new statement piece.

“I’m not mad at this, need to see it in black asap,” someone wrote.

“This is awesome,” someone else commented. “I wish more people would have fun with masks/incorporate them into looks. We’re gonna be wearing them for a while. May as well mix it up.”

A few people did mention some potential issues with the outfit, including what happens when you need to go to the bathroom. “It’s all good until you’re drunk in the bar restroom and the face mask falls in the toilet!” they wrote.

Oh, what we do for fashion! And still, it’s a dang cute piece that more retailers should take note of! We’re going to guess we’ll see a lot of similar outfits pop up like this one.

Tell us: Would you wear this jumpsuit with a built-in mask? What lengths have you gone to coordinate your mask with your outfit?