FAA Is Cracking Down on Unruly Passengers By Proposing Biggest Fines Yet

Good Morning America

At the beginning of the pandemic, hardly anyone was traveling via airplane. In some cases, there was only one passenger on board an entire airplane. Things have changed.

A year later, passengers are once again taking to the skies. Not only does that mean that ticket prices are going up, but there is also an increase in unruly passengers.

One of the most common reasons passengers seem to act out on board airplanes is because they refuse to wear face masks. It’s important to point out that even though the CDC has updated their guidelines about wearing face masks, it is still required for everyone to wear face masks on public transportation including airplanes.

To try to prevent an increase in unruly passengers, the FAA is doing something pretty drastic. In some cases they are doing a lot more than simply removing the passenger from the flight. They are also fining unruly passengers thousands of dollars. Watch the video below for more details.

As mentioned in the video above, unruly passengers on airplanes can face large fines and even jail time. Here is one example:

Recently, one passenger on a Delta flight was fined $52,500. That is the largest fine the FAA has ever proposed. What did the passenger do to deserve that fine? He attempted to open the cockpit door during a flight from Honolulu to Seattle, and when a flight attendant tried to stop him, he pushed her to the floor. Thankfully, flight attendants were able to stop the passenger from entering the cockpit. When the plane landed in Seattle, police arrested the passenger.

Many people are happy to hear the the FAA is getting stricter with unruly passengers. One comment reads, “It’s about time. Leave your drama and politics at home or just stay home!”

Another viewer wrote, “Why did it take so long? They should be banned from flying.”

Have you ever been on a flight with an unruly passenger? What do you think is an appropriate fine for an unruly passenger?