15 People Share the Expensive Things That They Believe Are Totally Worth It

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Sure, life can be expensive. And sometimes, we want to go for the cheaper item (e.g., this case of toilet paper is 33 cents cheaper than that one so in the cart it goes). However, ever hear the phrase “you get what you pay for?” That definitely applies here.

There are some expensive items that are simply just worth the extra money—even if you do go broke from buying it. In a recent Reddit thread, people shared their number one item that they always splurge on because it makes a difference in their life. Here are the top answers:

  1. A Good Chef’s Knife

    “How do people survive w/o good, sharp knives. Like wtf, any time I am at my family’s/friends’ or anywhere else to cook and there isn’t even one decent knife, I’m like HOW DO YOU EVEN EVER COOK FOR YOURSELF?!? Unbearable.”

  2. Laser Eye Surgery

    “Couldn’t afford it, went into debt for it but would do again in a heartbeat.”

  3. Good Tires

    “Every aspect of your cars performance is affected by them—acceleration, braking, handling, fuel economy are all limited by tires. Buy good tires and keep them properly inflated and rotated.”

  4. An Air Purifier

    “If you have bad allergies, a HEPA air purifier. Might seem like a waste of money for a weird fan but that first night of rest after weeks of allergies is bliss.”

  5. Travel

    “It makes you happier, it makes you smarter, it makes you more enlightened about the world, and IMO just a more interesting person to talk with. In addition it can really refresh and revitalize you when you get back to your regular life.”

  6. High-Quality Bed Items

    “My wife recently bought fancy sheets and pillowcases, spending more than I would on such things but the difference is quite something! A good mattress with good sheets is highly recommended.”

  7. Tools

    “Someone once told me ‘a poor man pays twice’ so I bought a good set of tools and they have lasted longer then any other ones I’ve bought in the past with a lot less maintenance.”

  8. Good Headphones

    “Noise canceling out the bus to work is absolutely life changing.”

  9. Movers

    “Paying $1,000 to watch someone else hump that stupid couch and all that other heavy sh*t up that stupid driveway was worth every cent.”

  10. A Therapist

    “Therapy is an investment in long term health care and quality of life.”

  11. Good Trash Bags

    “Too many times have I been betrayed by cheap bags and had a mess all over the floor.”

  12. Massages

    “Regular massages are expensive but absolutely worth it! I haven’t had a massage since April because I’ve been trying to save money and I am really regretting it right now because my neck/shoulder is all out of whack.”

  13. A Well-Tailored Suit

    “Even just tailored dress shirts. I’m a thin guy with slightly larger shoulders so every off the rack shirt has massive poof in the back when tucked in. Fitted dress shirts though fit like a glove and look great with jeans or a tailored suit.”

  14. A Good Keyboard

    “A good mechanical keyboard is a bliss to type on.”

  15. Robot Vacuum

    “With smooth floors and a cat, it has changed my life.”

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