Pregnant ‘Karen’ Expects Friend to Change Dog’s Name So the Name Is Clear for Her Baby

Milkos via Deposit Photos

Choosing your future child’s name is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. There are a lot of things to consider—how the first and last name will mesh well together, whether there’s any meaning behind it…oh, and, of course, that the baby doesn’t share a name with a pet. Yes, even if it’s not your pet.

Okay, so not everyone is going to consider whether the baby name they like is also the name of someone’s pet. However, one woman who’s being described as a “Karen” (aka, someone with a large sense of entitlement), really didn’t want her baby to have the same name as a pet. That’s why she asked a friend of a friend to change their dog’s name (which had the same name as her unborn child’s) so she could use it as the name for her baby.

No, we’re not kidding. And there are screenshots of the crazy text exchange to prove it.

The “Karen” began the conversation by reintroducing herself (because they are THAT not close). The woman on the other end was super friendly, texting back that it’s “been a while” but cordially asks how she and her family are doing.

After the “Karen” shares that she’s pregnant with her second child, the woman tells her that she’s super happy for her. But then the Karen gets real with her.

“We want to name her Tillie but it’s come to my attention you have a dog named Tilly and I’d appreciate you changing the dog’s name lol,” she writes. “Obviously she can’t have the same name as a dog and we’re bound to bump into each other.”

The other woman politely explains, “I don’t think it’s necessary to change my Tilly’s name; I don’t think you’ll ever see her, and I don’t think anyone will notice they’ve got the same name anyway.”

We think that’s a pretty darn nice repsonse. But the “Karen” isn’t having that. “I can’t express how I feel right now,” she texted back. “I’m so disappointed and let down.”

She went on to tell her that because she doesn’t have children she’ll never understand. “I’m honestly shocked you’re being so heartless and unreasonable,” she wrote. “You didn’t even consider changing the animal’s name for my daughter’s future. This is going to impact her life and potentially ruin her confidence and life.”

Whoa, nelly. Well, that took a turn, wouldn’t you say?

You can read the rest of how the text exchange went here. Disclaimer: It wasn’t pretty.

Do you think this woman should change her dog’s name—or do you think “Karen” was just being a Karen?