Ex-Walmart Greeter Reveals Why He Never Got In The Way Of Moms Stealing Baby Products

When you go shopping at a store like Walmart or Costco, there are employees standing at the entrance and the exit. These employees are called greeters, and they are there, as the name implies, to greet customers, but they are there for much more than to say hello and goodbye.

When you have finished shopping and are ready to leave the store, a greeter will check your receipt. They are checking to make sure you received everything you paid for, but they are also checking to make sure you didn’t steal anything.

Brandon Tamayo used to be a door greeter at Walmart. He shared on TikTok that he would stand at the exit and check receipts before customers left the store. He was supposed to be checking to make sure customers weren’t stealing, but he revealed that he often let parents steal baby products like diapers and formula.

In his video, he said that the AP (which stands for the Asset Protection Associate) would sometimes tell him that a mom was stealing and to check her receipt. In those cases, he would check the receipt, but he would never call the mom out for stealing. Instead, he would say something like “You’re all good,” or “Have a nice day.”

The AP was never happy with Tamayo when he ignored stolen baby products, but Tamayo said he “didn’t care.” There were a few reasons for this. One, he didn’t get any sort of reward for catching someone stealing. The AP would get a reward, but he wouldn’t. Two, he was making $11.50 an hour. It wasn’t enough money for him to care. Three, he understands that babies are expensive, and he wanted to help out the parents who needed the baby products so bad that they dared steal them.

Watch Tamayo’s TikTok below to hear him describe how he let parents steal baby products.

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TikTok users are loving Tamayo’s story. They are far from reprimanding the parents for stealing, and they are definitely not appalled that Tamayo would allow stealing when it was literally his job to check receipts. Instead, they are praising his actions. One viewer wrote, “We need to nominate you for the Nobel peace prize lol.”

Another TikTok user wrote, “not all heroes wear capes.”

Considering Tamayo mentioned that he used to work at Walmart but no longer works there, one TikTok user speculated that Tamayo must have gotten fired for his actions. She wrote, “Probably got fired for this, but you sir are a gem. Some people struggle and I’m not saying stealing is okay but you’re an angel.”

It turns out that Tamayo did not get fired for letting customers steal baby products. He didn’t get fired at all. He quit. Tamayo explained, “Not fired lol. I was the most reliable (took shifts because I needed the money) and I put in my two weeks notice when I quit. Walmart was fun.”

If it were your job to check receipts at a store like Walmart, would you say something if a mom was stealing formula or diapers? Do you think formula and diapers should be less expensive? Does it surprise you that Tamayo didn’t get fired for letting parents steal baby products?