Infamous Ex-Hollywood Madam Jody ‘Babydol’ Gibson Dead At 64

True Crime Daily

Jody Gibson, who is better known as Babydol Gibson or Sasha of the Valley, moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a pop star. In order to pay the bills, she started modeling and started a modeling agency, but eventually that modeling agency transitioned to an upscale yet illegal call girl service in the 1980s and 1990s. The prostitution ring became known as the “California Dreamin'” ring.

While running her illegal business, Gibson also made several appearances on screen. She acted in the film “Evil Laugh” and was a guest star on the show “Up All Night.”

Gibson is thought to have had about 300 women working for her at one point. In 2000, she was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail. She only ended up serving 2 years. She went on to write multiple books about her life, confessing to her illegal acts.

Gibson also moved from Los Angeles to Yucca Valley, California where she lived with her husband, Eric Markel. They were married for 12 years.

On Sunday January 2, 2022, police responded to a call from one of Gibson’s family members. The police arrived at her home around 11am. Gibson was dead at the age of 64, and according to TMZ, it appears that she died in her sleep. Foul play is not suspected. According to Markel, she was not suffering from any illness.

Markel believes that his wife died of “exhaustion” due to a lawsuit involving the sale of their home. Even though she wasn’t ill, he explained that she had recently lost a lot of weight and only weighed about 87 pounds.

Back in 2015, Gibson talked about her life to Crime Watch Daily. She explained how her childhood led to her entertainment industry interest and how her innocent modeling agency turned into an illegal prostitution ring. She also explained how she contemplated whether or not to reveal the names of famous people who were clients of her agency. Watch the video to learn more about her life.

Do you think Gibson’s death was really caused by exhaustion from a difficult and stressful lawsuit? Do you think there was an undiagnosed illness that caused her dramatic weight loss and sudden death?