Ex-Boyfriend Of Mom Who Faked Her Own Kidnapping Says ‘She’s a Compulsive Liar’

Inside Edition

In 2016, the world thought that a mom named Sherri Papini had been kidnapped. Her husband came home one day, and she wasn’t there. That’s when he called 911, and the search began.

On Thanksgiving that same year, Papini was found along the side of the road. She told a detailed story about being kidnapped, and her face was pretty beat up.

Now, in 2022, the world is shocked again to learn that Papini was never actually kidnapped. It turns out that she faked her own kidnapping and was actually staying with an ex-boyfriend in Costa Mesa, California.

When Papini was 20 years old, she dated a 15-year-old named Shauhin Davari. Davari is sick of people thinking that he is the ex-boyfriend who helped her fake her kidnapping, and he wants to set the record straight. 

Davari claims that Papini has always been “a compulsive liar.” When he heard the news story about her disappearance back in 2016, he knew it was another one of her lies and that there was “no chance that she got kidnapped.”

Watch the video below to hear Davari share his side of the story including examples of other lies Papini told when she was younger.

Papini was arrested Thursday March 3. When the FBI came to her house to arrest her, she screamed “no” and ran away, resisting arrest. According to Papini’s attorney, she was running towards her children.

Papini was released from jail just days later on Tuesday March 8, 2022. During a virtual hearing, U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremy D. Peterson agreed with Papini’s attorney that she was not a flight risk. Her family posted $120,000 bond, and Papini had her passport taken away.

According to prosecutors, Papini’s fake kidnapping cost donors, tax payers and Shasta County approximately $200,000.

Have you ever known anyone who lied a lot? What do you think her husband thinks about her fake kidnapping?