Comedian Nails What Every Season of The Bachelor Is Like

Trey Kennedy via YouTube

We all know reality TV isn’t exactly reality. You did know that, right? When producers are involved and cameras are following someone’s every moment, “reality” changes quite a bit. A lot of it becomes staged and what’s caught on tape is heavily edited. What you see on TV is only a skewed version of reality that is intended to entertain.

One very popular reality show is “The Bachelor,” and whether you love it or hate it or have never even seen it, you probably know that the odds of one man finding love from women chosen by a casting director is probably pretty slim.

If you have ever watched an episode or entire season (or every season) of “The Bachelor,” you probably know that there are a lot of things that are similar in episode after episode and season after season. Even though the cast changes, the stories they tell and the way things play out all have a very familiar vibe.

Comedian Trey Kennedy is a master as mimicking life in a hilarious way. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, he was all of us in his video about what quarantine is like on day 1 verses day 50. We could also really relate to his video about mom’s at Thanksgiving and his video about people who shop at Walmart verses people who shop at Target.

Now, Kennedy is doing more than taking on those of us stuck at home and watching Netflix while the kids go to school via Zoom. He’s taking on reality TV, and he perfectly nailed every second of every episode of “The Bachelor” in his hilarious 8 minute video.

Yes, this video is not exactly short, but we savored every second of the 8 minutes in which Kennedy portrays Taylor, a fictional bachelor staring on the show. Kennedy also portrayed several different types of women that you will always find competing for the bachelor’s attention. Watch this fantastic video below.

Viewers are loving this hilarious video. Long time fans of the show are impressed that he was actually able to get host Chris Harrison to cameo in the video. Even viewers who have never seen an episode of “The Bachelor” find themselves invested in Kennedy’s video.

One comment reads, “I don’t watch these shows, but this was hilaaaaarrrrriiiiiiioooouuuuusssss!”

Another viewer commented, “You’re hilarious!!!! Whoever is a part of the skits, other than yourself, and all they are (actions, words, photos, recording, etc.), you’re ALL BRILLIANT!!!!”

Are you a fan of “The Bachelor”? What was your favorite line from this hilarious skit?