Don’t Ignore This Video! If You’re Ever in a Submerged Vehicle, This Technique Could Save Your Life!

As scary as it is to talk about, getting trapped in a submerged car is a very real thing. Over 300 Americans die each year from drowning in a sinking car and it could happen to anyone. In the past, experts have told us to let the car sink, then to open the doors and swim away to safety. However, now this traditional method is being thrown out the window in favor of a new, much safer technique. Watch the video below to see this Good Morning America reporter try out this technique himself in a very real sinking car situation.

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If you’re ever caught in a flash flood or driven into a body of water, the safest new technique is being called the new “stop, drop, and roll” of submerged car escape. The philosophy is Seat belts, Windows, Children, Out.

Although this is a staged situation, it simulates a very real life-threatening situation that we all have to be prepared for. To complete these recommended steps and getting out of the car alive, you have about 1-minute.

STEP 1: Unbuckle your seat belt.
STEP 2: Roll down your window.
STEP 3: Unbuckle any children in the car and grab a hold of them.
STEP 4: Flop out of the open window into the water outside.

Because you only have about 1 minute, do NOT touch your cell phone. This expert says if you waste time trying to call for help, you will most likely die. Instead, go immediately into the laid out steps.

Another life-saving trick is to always keep something sharp inside your car to break your windows. There are even devices specifically made for window-breaking that you can purchase online. This way, should your windows get stuck, you can break them open instead of opening up a door, which will only let more water flood in.

Do you know any tricks to keeping safe in this terrifying situation? Share them in the comments section below.

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