Woman Finds an Entire Apartment Behind Her Bathroom Mirror

A woman in New York City couldn’t get warm in her apartment. No matter what she did, she felt cold. She didn’t have any windows open, and she had the heat turned up. It didn’t seem to matter, so she decided to try to figure out where the cold air was coming from.

She quickly realized that the cold air was coming from her bathroom, but there wasn’t a vent or a window in her bathroom. In a video she filmed, she even shows that her hair is blowing as if there’s a breeze, yet where is the breeze coming from? Her mirror. It was coming from her mirror.

In a 4 part series of videos posted to Twitter, she reveals the discovery she makes behind her mirror. Here’s part 1.

In part 2, she invites a couple friends over to show them what she found behind her mirror. She also finally shows the camera what exactly it looks like behind her mirror.

In part 3, she prepares to go through the hole in the wall that was hidden behind her bathroom mirror. She also wonders if it is even possible for her to fit through the hole in the wall.

Finally, in the 4th and final video, we get to see exactly what’s behind the hole in the mirror. It’s not just a room. It’s actually an entire apartment. She walks through it and discovers “signs of life.” There is trash, and it’s cold inside. The apartment itself also looks like it needs a lot of work before it could be rented.

We wish there were a 5th video where she shared what happened when she confronted her apartment manager about her discovery. How could he or she explain how it was okay to have an open hole leading to another apartment hiding behind a renter’s bathroom mirror?

Twitter users are comparing her discovery to a horror movie script. Many people say they wouldn’t have gone through the wall.

Have you ever discovered something unusual in your home or apartment after moving in? How would you react if you found an apartment hiding behind your mirror? What do you think the apartment manager said.