Texas Man Receives Sky-High Energy Bill for Nearly $7,000

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Texas residents have certainly had their fair share of the unexpected recently. The winter storm they experienced is certainly unusual considering it hardly ever even snows in Texas. In 2021, the storm was so bad that power companies couldn’t keep up with the demand, and many residents found themselves without power during the coldest weather they ever experienced.

Besides dealing with snow and ice on the roads and icicles hanging inside houses, some residents are now being hit with another unexpected result of the storm – a sky-high energy bill. We’re not talking a couple hundred dollars more than usual. We’re talking thousands more than usual.

Texas resident DeAndre Upshaw has received an energy bill for almost $7000. He was using less energy than usual during the winter storm, but he was charged extremely more than usual. His energy provider, Griddy, even told him to switch providers. He has, but he wasn’t able to switch quickly enough to avoid the huge bill.

Upshaw is not the only Texas resident to get stuck with a crazy high energy bill. According to Upshaw, some of his neighbors were without power all weekend and still ended up with a higher energy bill than in previous months.

Watch the video below to learn more about Upshaw’s surprisingly expensive energy bill and what Griddy has to say about it.

What would you do if you received a sky-high energy bill?