13 People Explain the Things That Ended Up Ruining Religion For Them

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When you’re born, you’re likely born into a religion—aka it’s not something you get to choose most of the time. And as you grow, you might realize that the religion you were born in to might not be the one you want to associate yourself with for the rest of your life.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared the top moments that ended up ruining their religion entirely for them. Here are some of the most intense examples.

  1. God = Santa

    “The arrogance in believing ‘god’ works like Santa Claus just started sounding ridiculous to me around the age of 16. ‘I got a new job – THANK GOD’. ‘I almost got into a car accident – must have been god looking out for me.’ But this deity ignores genocide, starvation, and cancer in children but waves a wand to give you a .25 hourly raise. And this is allllll part of the plan too.’ Yeah okay….”

  2. The Hypocrisy

    “The hypocrisy, the hate, the shame that’s directed towards humanity. My last experience was with a fairly middle-road church- I went to the high a school aged youth group service with some classmates. The services started with singing worship (cringe just saying that), and everyone around me was sobbing with their hands held in the air, swaying, singing to a song about how we are so unworthy of love. And I was like… holy sh*t, what is WRONG with all of you?! I barely survived the rest of the evening. Never went back.”

  3. Original Sin

    “Learning about original sin in church school when I was 9. I couldn’t get over the unfairness of it, and that started me questioning the whole religion thing.”

  4. “God’s Plan”

    “Someone telling me that it was God’s plan for my unborn daughter to lose her life after her mother was pushed down stairs by an openly racist man. If that’s what faith in a religion gets me, then I’m out.”

  5. Non-Christians Going to Hell

    “Being told that every good non-Christian person will go to hell. I decided then and there that I’ll happily burn next to Gandhi and Buddhist monks.”

  6. Only One Religion is Right

    “Raised Catholic. The idea that one religion is right and all others are wrong, the idea that so many people suffer on a daily basis but “God loves us”, the idea that we must love each other but religion teaches you to hate those who aren’t like you. And above all else, the idea that some invisible, all powerful being exist somewhere in the sky. I stopped believing when I was 13.”

  7. Can be Overbearing

    “Overbearing people while I was exploring. I have a Jehovah’s Witness grandma, Wiccan mom, atheist dad, and a solid set of gay Christian friends. Everyone stuck their noses in and I just said “f*ck it, there’s something out there and as long as it doesn’t kill me, I’m chill.” Just… kinda respect the world and go with the flow.”

  8. People Forcing Their Beliefs

    “That people would try to force their religion onto me and make me feel like I was a bad person if I didn’t have the same beliefs as them.”

  9. That Being Gay Was Worse Than Anything Else

    “I had the ‘big gay uncle’ in a small southern town. It was the mid ‘80s and he was pretty out as far as the town was concerned, being the director of the local theater guild etc. He was that great Uncle who handed me books I should read, told me films to watch, and basically convinced me to get the hell out of that shithole town as soon as I graduated HS. Well, he was an early victim of AIDS/HIV. At his funeral, my grandmother, his own mother, spent most of the time telling the other parishioners at her church of Christ how sad it was he caught HIV from sharing needles, and how sad she was that he had discovered hard drugs in those few years he lived in the “big city”…. Absolutely none of that was true, he barely even drank alcohol. She apparently thought him dying as a junkie was a preferable fable for her reputation than having a gay son who succumbed to a virus.”

  10. An Infant Dying

    “My infant brother’s death. I was very little when he died at 3 days old, but it always bothered me being taught that Jesus was the only man that ever lived without sin. I thought “what could this helpless little baby have done that was a sin? He never even cried?” When I asked my very catholic grandmother about it she told me to watch what I say because I was being blasphemous.”

  11. Bible Editions Taken Too Seriously

    “Being kicked out of Christian school prior to the third grade because my Mom bought the wrong edition of the bible.”

  12. Hurting Children

    “When I came to the realization that trusted authorities did hurt children- really really hurt and damage children- and gaslight the communities that literally supported the church through personal sacrifice and sincere generosity- it was the absolute definition of disgrace and I am in agony that it was ever even tolerated.”

  13. Wishy-Washing Reasoning

    “The non-answers to all my questions as a kid. “You just have to have faith” is a dumb way to respond to an inquisitive mind.

Has anything every ruined religion for you?