Emmett Till’s Family Is Now Seeking Arrest After Uncovering An Unserved 1955 Warrant


Back in 1955, 14-year-old Emmett Till traveled from his home in Chicago to visit family living in Mississippi. While he was in Mississippi, he went inside a store where 21-year-old Carolyn Bryant Donham was working. Donham was married to Roy Bryant at the time, and she later testified in court that Till made an inappropriate comment and grabbed her. According to Till’s cousin, who was in the store with him, Till whistled at Donham.

Two days after the incident in the store, two men showed up at Till’s great-uncle’s house looking for Till. One of the men was Bryant, Donham’s husband at the time, and the other man was Bryan’t half-brother, J.W. Milam.

Days later, Till’s body was found in a river. He had been tied to a fan to weigh him down. Bryant and Milam both faced murder charges. They were acquitted, but they later admitted that they were responsible for Till’s death.

The warrant for Bryant and Milam’s arrests also included a warrant for Donham’s arrest. She was identified on the warrant as Mrs. Roy Bryant. She was accused of kidnapping, but she was never arrested. At the time, the Leflore County sheriff told reporters that he didn’t arrest Donham because she was taking care of two young children. He said he didn’t want to “bother” her.

After the case against Bryant and Milam ended in acquittal, authorities never followed up with the kidnapping charges.

The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation discovered the warrant in the basement of a courthouse in Mississippi. The Foundation is headed up by two of Till’s relatives. The head of the Foundation is Till’s cousin, Deborah Watts. Her daughter, Teri Watts, also helped in the search.

Teri Watts told the Associated Press that she thinks the warrant should be served to Donham who is now in her 80s. Watch the video below for more about the recent discovery of this never served warrant.

Do you think Donham should be arrested after all these years? Do you think she will be arrested and go to court?