Elliot Page Walked His First Red Carpet Since Transitioning With Oscar Wilde Homage

elliotpage via Instagram

Elliot Page announced to the world that he was transgender back in December 2020. It has been less than a year, but he has already been very vocal about his journey so far, and he really seems to be embracing life.

There have been a lot of changes for Page and a lot of firsts. For example, after having top surgery performed, he posted his first picture in swim trunks. Now, he is making waves in completely different attire. Instead of dressed for the pool, Page has gotten dressed for his first red carpet appearance since transitioning.

Page has spoken openly about how he never really felt like himself when he wore dresses and heels to red carpet events. He told Time, “For a long time I could not even look at a photo of myself.”

Now that he has transitioned, he is taking the opportunity to dress in a way that is more comfortable for him at all events including red carpet events.

The Met Gala was Page’s very first red carpet event since transitioning. He wore a Balenciaga suit, but it’s not the suit exactly that’s getting all the attention. The most interesting part of Page’s ensemble is the green rose that he wore in the suit pocket.

Page was subtly paying homage to Oscar Wilde with the green rose. In a famous picture of Wilde, he is seen with a green carnation on his lapel.

Wilde was a famous playwright. He was also gay. He actually got convicted for “gross indecency” due to his relationship with another man.

Sarah Prager wrote an essay about which flowering plants have queer symbolism. She explained, “The green carnation became a queer symbol in 1892 when Oscar Wilde instructed a handful of his friends to wear them on their lapels to the opening night of his comedy Lady Windermere’s Fan.” She continued, “From then on, wearing a green carnation on your lapel was a secret, subtle hint that you were a man who loved other men.”

Page’s fans are loving the detail of the green rose. For example, one fan tweeted, “Not to out myself as a #MetGala fan but Elliot Page wearing a green carnation I cry. Like most people won’t get that little detail but ahh.”