Ellen Tears Up In Emotional Tribute To tWitch

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On December 13, 2022, Stephen tWitch Boss took his own life. The cause of death was a gunshot wound. His family was shocked at the news, and so was Ellen DeGeneres.

tWitch started working on Ellen’s talk show in 2014, and he stayed with the show until it ended. When TMZ talked to him a couple months before his death, he seemed happy and well-adjusted to life after the show. Yet, another former talk show DJ, DJ Boof, believes that tWitch may have been suffering from depression; although, he doesn’t know for sure.

Whatever the reason tWitch took his life, the reality is that he is gone. His family will have to figure out how to celebrate the holidays without him.

DeGeneres took to social media yesterday to share her thoughts on tWitch’s death. In a video she posted to Instagram, she said, “I just wanted to say the past 11 days have been really tough for everyone. Everyone is in pain, and trying to make sense of it and we’ll never make sense of it. And the holidays are hard I think anyway.”

Then, she changed the subject from pain to how she believes we should all honor tWitch. She explained, “But to honor tWitch I think the best thing that we can do is to laugh and hug each other and play games and dance and sing. That’s the way we honor him is we do the things that he loved to do which is dancing. He loved music. He loved games, so we do that.”

Ellen knows that laughing and singing is probably the last thing most people feel like doing when they’re in mourning, and she called that out. She said, “And I know it seems hard, it seems impossible, but that’s how we honor him.”

In addition to doing tWtich’s favorite things, she also called out a few more things we can all do to honor him. She said, “And hug each other, and tell each other we love each other. And let people know we’re there for them, and check in on people.”

Ellen wrapped up her post by wishing everyone “happy holidays.” She added, “I know it’s not a happy holiday but he was pure light as everybody in the comments said. If you knew him you knew that. If you didn’t know him you saw it.”

Then she paused and shook her head, seemingly still in disbelief that tWitch took his life. Then she concluded her heartfelt message by saying, “Let’s honor him and think about him and send love to one another.”


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In addition to her emotional tribute, yesterday Ellen also posted a video that honors tWitch in the way she explained he should be honored – “play games and dance and sing.” The video she posted is a clip from one of her shows that features tWitch dancing to a variety of different video clips of other people dancing. It was a game. It involved dancing. It will probably make you laugh. Let’s all honor tWitch by watching this video.


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