What Started as a Gift Turned into a Genius Invention

Words cannot describe how brilliant this invention is. Most ladies (and fellas who are rocking various man-buns!) will understand the general annoyance of the hair tie. Hair ties are an essential for anyone with medium-length to long hair; whether you’re focusing at work or sweating at the gym, pulling your hair back is a must. But these elastics are also a pain. They squeeze your wrist, leaving uncomfortable indents, and they don’t look very pretty either. So startup company Bitter Sweet set out to fix all the negatives of this necessary nuisance. You have to see the genius invention they came up with.

The invention, aptly called Bitter Sweet bracelets after the company, is a stylish bracelet that holds your hair tie.

But it does so much more than hold it. Bitter Sweet bracelets are stylish accessories that actually showcase your hair tie, making your elastic look – dare I say it – fashionable. And when the hair tie is in your ponytail, the bracelet still looks amazing on its own.

Bitter Sweet bracelets have a metallic finish and are great for running casual errands or attending a fancy dinner party – no one has to know your bracelet is actually a hair tie in disguise.

Even better, because the bracelet keeps the tie off your skin, you avoid the painful squeezing on your wrist! Bye bye, wrist indents.

And the story of Bitter Sweet is really just the cherry on top. Newly married engineers, Shireen Maria and Arni Thor, are the driving force behind Bitter Sweet. They founded the company after Arni created the first Bitter Sweet bracelet to help Shireen avoid this little nuisance in a stylish way.

After getting bombarded with compliments on her genius, beautiful bracelet, the couple realized they had something big on their hands. And Bitter Sweet bracelets were born!

To learn more and get your own Bitter Sweet bracelet, check out The Grommets’ website here and rock your hair tie in style.