El Nino Winter Forecast Revealed and What this Means for Your Winter Weather

Dazdraperma via Deposit Photos

We know you just trading pool days for pumpkin spice lattes, but meteorologists are already thinking ahead to winter. Perhaps you’re looking forward to watching the snow fall, going skiing and sipping hot chocolate, or maybe you’re hoping this winter will be milder than usual. Wether or not you get your wish depends on where you live and how El Nino will impact your part of the country.

Meteorologists are predicting what this coming winter could look like by looking at previous El Nino winters, such as the winters of 2009-2010 and 2014-2015. According to a tweet from Jordan McClellan, self-proclaimed “storm chaser” and “weather enthusiast,” this coming winter result in the southern half of the U.S. seeing more snow than usual and the northern half of the U.S. seeing less snow than usual. Considering the northern states usually receive more snow than the southern states, everyone might experience a winter that’s different than what they’re used to this year.

Meanwhile, ABC News meteorologists predict that the southern states will be wetter than usual, which may or may not mean snow. It could mean rain, sleet and ice. The middle of the country may be drier overall than usual this winter, and the northern states may experience a warmer than usual winter.

Meteorologists at CNN clarify that El Nino usually means that the winter weather is milder than usual in the northern states. Meanwhile, the Midwest may experience a drought, and the southern states are harder to predict. It could be an average winter in the south, or there could be more rain and snow than usual.

Wondering what exactly an El Nino winter is? It has to do with temperature changes in the Pacific Ocean. El Nino is a result of the water temperature being warmer than usual.

Are you hoping for a mild winter, or do you love winter weather?