Easy Way to Save on Shampoo

This little tip may not save you a ton, but over time, you could definitely see a bit of savings – and we at Tip Hero are all about the little savings tips that add up to big savings. Over at The Simple Dollar, Trent expressed his frustration over shampoo and conditioner bottles.

The problem is that shampoo virtually always comes in a squeeze bottle. When I grab that in the shower and turn it over to get just a little bit of shampoo, it’s incredibly easy to get way too much on my hands. I squeeze a little and nothing comes out, so I squeeze a bit harder and I wind up with four times as much shampoo on my hands as I want.

To solve this problem, Trent realized he needed a pump dispenser that would dispense much less at a time.

I simply dumped some of my shampoo/conditioner mix into that bottle, screwed on the lid, and gave it a couple squirts. On the third squirt, a very small amount of shampoo came out.

A perfect amount, actually.

I simply stuck this new bottle into the shower. Next time I took a shower, instead of turning over the squeeze bottle and getting far too much on my hands, I simply reached up and pressed the pump down once, dispensing a perfect amount right on my hand.

While the savings isn’t huge, Trent is using 1/4 of the shampoo he was using before, so instead of spending $8 on shampoo (he buys large bottles at a warehouse club for $3 each) for the year, he’ll now be spending about $5.

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