Easy to Make, Floating, Whipped Soap

My latest discovery-WHIPPED SOAP(IT FLOATS)

Even if you’ve never made soap before you can do this one. It’s supposed to be a level 2 project, but it was easy.

For a 3 lb. batch: Here’s how I did it:
2 1/2 lbs solid fat
8 oz liquid oil
17.8 oz liquid (soft water)
2 tsp sea salt
6.5 oz lye

a large stainless steel bowl or plastic, your mixer (whip attachment)container for lye
(I used a throw away pickle jar) a plastic bowl that the jar will sit in, ice.

First thing mix the salt with the water (use a plastic or wooden spoon) then slowly add the lye (use all precaution) mixing well, place in a bowl of ice (lye has to be cold, this will take a while).

Next melt the solids in microwave ’til soft, cool to room temp in refridgator, when it’s cool (no warmth) whip with your mixer ’til light and fluffy (will look like frosting) stir and test lye water, (is it cool) leave in ice.

Now slowly add the liquid oils as your whipping the fat. Keep whipping ’til it regains it’s shape, if your lye water is cold bring it to the mixer.

Slowly add the lye water (I used a small laddle) a few spoonsful at a time as your whipping (this will take about 15 minutes), add up to 3 oz essential oil & color. I used Lemon and Sweet Almond essential oil.

Pour into molds that have been lined with plastic wrap (I used ice trays). Unmold as soon as hard enough as it sticks and is hard to cut.

You’ll love this soap. So light and it floats. The kids will love it also. Cure for a couple of weeks befor using.