Watch This Simple Tutorial to Have the Best Nails at Easter Brunch

This Easter, eggs aren’t the only thing you should paint. Whether you’re spending the day at brunch, church, the park or anywhere, you’ll feel extra festive with these simple-to-do holiday nail designs!

When I think back to the Easters of my childhood, dressing up in the prettiest spring outfit definitely looms large: the patent-leather shoes, the frilly dress in pastel colors, sometimes an Easter “bonnet”, and that plastic purse we all had. (Admit it, you had one at least once!) Now that I’m a grown-up, of course I can’t really rock the patent-leather-and-plastic look, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get in on the Easter-outfit spirit and have fun with it. The best way to add some light-hearted, seasonal flair? Nail art, of course!

That’s why I was so excited when we here at TipHero came across this Easter nails tutorial from one of our favorite polish masters, Cute Polish! She’s showing us several looks today that are perfect for Easter and the entire spring season, and we just have to share them with you. Our absolute favorite? The bunny ears!

Bunny Ear Nail Art


  • Base coat
  • Sky blue polish (Cute Polish uses Hema’s “Rapid Blue”)
  • White polish (Cute Polish uses China Glaze’s “White On White”)
  • A little paint brush (or a toothpick)
  • Pink polish (Cute Polish uses Anny’s “City Walk”)
  • Fast-drying top coat


  1. As always with a manicure, start by applying a base coat to protect your nails.
  2. Apply the sky blue polish to the nails on which you want to paint your bunny ears. (Cute Polish does hers only on the ring finger of each hand.)
  3. Apply a second coat of the sky blue color to increase the opacity of the color.
  4. Use the white polish to add a half-circle to the tip of each nail you want to have bunny ears.
  5. Dip the little paintbrush (or the toothpick, if using) into the white polish, and use it to draw on the ears. If you like, make one of the ears lopped for an even cuter, inquisitive bunny.
  6. Clean off the little paint brush, or grab another one (or a fresh toothpick), and dip it into the pink polish. Draw on the insides of the bunny ears.
  7. Finish off the design by adding a little heart toward the base of your nail, between the two bunny ears.
  8. Finish off the entire manicure by applying the fast-drying top coat to each nail.

How cute is this bunny ear design? We absolutely love it, and can’t wait to give it a try this Easter!

Cute Polish has more designs where this one came from, including super-pretty Easter eggs and adorable little carrots for this bunny to eat, so be sure to watch her video below to learn how to do them at home.

What do you think of these Easter nail polish designs? Do you enjoy dressing up your nails for the holidays? Are there any other Easter-themed or springtime nail art looks you’d like to see us highlight? Share with us, and let us know if you give this nail art a try!