How to Use a Hair Pick to More Easily Slice an Onion

Cutting up an onion has negative connotations to it – they tend to make you cry. But what about the other struggles of slicing up onions? Not only does it make your eyes water, but the onion falls apart while you’re cutting it and forces you to hold the knife dangerously close to your fingers. This amazing hack, brought to us by Dave Hax, is such a brilliant way to cut an onion, I wish I had thought of it myself! Watch the video below and learn this genius way to slice an onion.

All you’ll need for a perfectly cut onion in a hair pick. Make sure you choose a strong one with stainless steel picks, because they will need to cut through the onion.

Best of all, you can use this little trick to slice the onion in two different ways! You can make onion rings or dice your onion with this hack.

Onion Rings – Cut off the top and bottom of your onion and peel, as usual. Turn the onion on its side and stick the hair pick down through the center of the onion. Use the hair pick as measurement and cut in between each prong for perfect rings. Pull the rings apart.

Diced Onion – Cut the onion in half and stick the pick in from the side. Cut between the prongs in the same way, but then turn it 90 degrees and cut in towards the prongs on both sides.

Such a simple hack and a safe way to keep your fingers out of harms way!