13 People Share the Things They Think Are Easier When You’re ‘Unattractive’


People might think it’s easier to be attractive than it is to be unattractive—when you’re good looking, people tend to you more and are more likely to want to be your friend. But is there anything that comes easier for unattractive people?

Apparently, there is—and we heard all about it in a recent Reddit post that poses the question “What’s easier when unattractive?” You might be surprised at some of the answers—here are the top ones!

  1. Being Left Alone

    “People tend to leave you alone. An example is today I was at a corporate work reception with a friend of mine. He is conventionally attractive and I am, well, me… We went to the event together and he was getting approached by a lot of people both men and women from different departments while I was just getting side lined. In truth, I am a natural loner since I was a young child so I prefer it that way. I would not like being the center of attention.”

  2. The Assumption Your Successes Are Based on Your Skills

    “Female musician here. As a very visibly nerdy bass player in my first real band, I very rarely (not never, sadly!) drew any doubts about being able to play or got any catcalls or requests to remove clothing. Our very classically attractive front woman with a mandolin?…Poor girl.”

  3. Less Undesired Attention

    “When you are attractive you get more harassed, get undesired attention. But when you are unattractive people who want you actually want you for who you are, who you have become.”

  4. Not Having to Explain Being Single

    “Being single without being questioned why.”

  5. Bettering Yourself at the Gym

    “I’m not attractive but in previous years I made a real effort to get in great shape and I did (I’ve since let myself go, hopefully I’ll rectify that but I did enjoy my time having a good physique.) Being unattractive allows you to train without looking arrogant or like a show off. People are more supportive of your gains when you don’t already look like Channing Tatum.”

  6. Less Style Efforts

    “Not having to put effort into how you look, because even if you do, you still look like dog sh*t.”

  7. Leaving

    “From almost everything… Even from lively conversations with a bunch of people, you won’t feel guilty about turning the mood south by you leaving.”

  8. Being Funny

    “Lots of material to work with.”

  9. Rejection

    “You just learn how to deal with it through practice.”

  10. Not Having to Make Small Talk

    “I usually am cleaned up nice and what not. Like to look that way, but hate talking to people. Shaved head and a big beard gives the 2yrs of parole look. Works wonders for being left alone.”

  11. Making Genuine Connections With People

    “Something about them not finding you threatening.”

  12. Peace

    “Drinking alone in a bar, undisturbed.”

  13. Having a Career

    “It’s really rewarding when everyone knows that you earned your way into your job position instead sleeping your way into it.”


Do you think there’s anything easier for unattractive people?