Major Study Finds That E-cigarettes Increase the Risk of Heart Attack By 56%

With e-cigarettes climbing the ranks as a viable alternative to conventional ones, scrutiny of their long-term effects has also increased. The latest study on vaping supports the idea that the practice increases the risk of heart attacks.

Researchers from the University of Kansas examined information for 96,000 participants and will be presenting their findings at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting. E-cig users were found have a 56% higher risk for heart attack, 30% increased risk for stroke, and 44% more likely to suffer from blood clots.

A large number of the participants were former tobacco smokers, and it is possible that some of the respondents had pre-existing heart conditions. However, data was compared between non-smokers, tobacco smokers, and those who vape. That data included blood pressure stats, anxiety and depression issues, and age.

On average, e-cig users are younger than nonusers. Compared to tobacco users, cardiovascular disease is higher among regular smokers with a 165% risk of heart attack. The lesson? No matter how often it’s done, vaping isn’t so good for the heart.

Dr. Mohinder Vindyhal, leader of the study, was adamant that he would not recommend e-cigarettes to anyone in his family, whether they smoke or not. Additionally, the government plans to step up public health campaigns to deter teens from vaping. Learn more about this newest study by clicking below.


Do you use e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative? Did you realize vaping has an impact on heart health? Would you try e-cigs or leave them alone?