21 People Share Their Most Impressive Dumpster Diving Finds

Dumpster Diving via Reddit

Most people throw literal trash in their garbage—used napkins, leftover food, tissues, etc. And no one is going to want to use those things for anything of substance. But occasionally, people throw things away that others can use. Whether it’s vintage dinnerware or a kid’s toy, sometimes there are plenty of salvageable things in people’s trash.

While it’s a little gross and slightly frowned upon, lots of people like to go “dumpster diving,” aka rummaging through people’s trash in hopes of finding things they can use—without the price tag on them. After all, if someone puts it in the trash, it’s up for grabs!

In a popular Dumpster Diving subreddit group, people shared the best thing they ever found in the trash. Some of these are pretty unbelievable! Check out the top answers below.

Have you ever been dumpster diving? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever come away with?