13 Women Share the Dumbest Thing That’s Ever Been Mansplained To Them

@itsPKav via Twitter

If you look up the definition of “mansplain,” the dictionary lists it as, “(of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.”

This made one Twitter user wonder: Men can be pretty know-it-all-y, can’t they? She asked her followers to share the dumbest thing that’s ever been ‘mansplained’ to them, and boy, do they deliver.

Here are the 13 best responses that make us roll our eyes and want to say, “as if we don’t know!”

  1. How a Cafeteria Works

    “A completely random man once approached me to explain how the cafeteria worked. Grill here, salad bar over there, then you take it up to the cash to pay. To this day, I do not understand what made him think I needed that explanation.”

  2. That Childbirth Isn’t Hard

    “A man tried to tell me that childbirth wasn’t that difficult, because women ‘used to go right back to work in the homes and fields immediately after giving birth.’ This was after me stating that I was exhausted and extremely weak for days after going through 20 hours of labor.”

  3. Tool Functions

    “I was helping a friend with her rummage sale, and there was a table full of tools. One guy came up to me and patiently explained to me what a tool was, what it was for, and how it works. I didn’t have the heart to tell him my grandfather designed it.”

  4. Hockey Drills

    “I had a minor hockey dad try to explain my own hockey drill to me and how it could be better. He even pulled up a video on YouTube on his phone to ‘teach me.’ I said ‘Jay, why don’t you put on the skates and come out and show us?’ Him: ‘I can’t skate.’ Ya. Take 17 seats Jay.”

  5. How to Open Windows

    “When I first moved into my current apt the landlord had someone come replace a big kitchen window with 2 small ones on each side and the guy installing it finished up by explaining to me how to open said windows (and lock them) like Id never seen crank handles before.”

  6. That Period Products Weren’t Necessary

    “A superior I had in the Navy tried to explain why using tampons or pad were for fun and not necessity.”

  7. How to Size a Bra

    “Fiancé and his brother tried to mansplain bra sizing to me. No, just no.”

  8. Where Catheters Go

    “I’m an RN. A male RN argued with me that Foley catheters go in the vagina (they go in the urethra). Repeat: a grown man and registered nurse argued about female anatomy with me and two other female RNs.”

  9. What a Coozie Is

    “I was buying a gift for my dad at a sporting goods store, and randomly grabbed a can coozie at the checkout. The man at the register started in on “Oh, those are great. See, you put a beer can inside this, and it keeps your hand from getting cold. Get it?”

  10. That the Water Was Boiling

    “My husband said to me, the woman who worked as a short order cook for 3 years, “Hey do you know the water is boiling on the stove?”, as if I’d not put it there on purpose, or that he thought I couldn’t identify the mystery of this bubbling liquid. I told him to leave the kitchen.”

  11. How Gas Stations Work (Or Don’t Work)

    “I told a gas station attendant the pump was broken and he said you just have to really get the nozzle in there. Then he came outside with me to demonstrate. Turns out the pump was broken.”

  12. Where Home Is

    “One time I was driving and my husband let me know our home was ‘up ahead on the left.’

  13. Catcalling

    “Catcalling. a male friend mansplained how not everything is malicious catcalling so it shouldn’t make me uncomfortable when grown men call me pretty if it wasn’t meant in a bad way.”

Cue the eye rolls! What’s the dumbest thing a man has ever ‘mansplained’ to you?