11 People Share the Dumbest Family Fights That Still Come Up All the Time

monkeybusiness via Deposit Photos

We bet if we asked you what the silliest fight that ever happened with your family was, you’d come up with the answer right away. That’s because it likely still gets brought up all the time—no matter how dumb it is.

Jimmy Fallon recently shared his #DumbestFamilyFight, which prompted many others to share their own. Fallon’s was as follows:

“An aunt once got mad that none of us wished her dog a happy birthday. When we called to apologize, she said he was too hurt to speak to us right now. #DumbestFamilyFight”

Some of these responses have us laughing out loud. Take a look at our favorite dumbest family fights below—and then share your own!

  1. She Left Someone’s Son Out in the “Heat”

  2. They Took the Last Piece of Bacon

  3. She Was Looking Out Her Window

  4. Potato Nutrition

  5. What Movie to Watch

  6. How to Do Laundry

  7. Cheating at Scrabble

  8. When to Feed the Cat on Daylight Savings Day

  9. Wardrobe Order

  10. What the Date Was

  11. Pooping in the Shower

These fights are hilarious and ridiculous all at the same time. Now it’s time to share yours! What’s the dumbest family fight you’ve ever endured?