9 Awesome Reasons to Start Drinking Orange Water

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We know that fruits and veggies are good for us but in terms of health, praises are heaped onto fruits like lemons and apples. Oranges get a good wrap thanks to their vitamin C content, but there are some other reasons that oranges are the chiz. And Captain Obvious hasn’t shared those reasons yet.

A citrus wonder in its own right, the orange is capable of much more than creating a tasty juice or making your house smell good. Sure, you can eat or drink them as they are, but when infused into water, oranges add a nice flavor and can help the body rid itself of toxins.

Orange power is contained in the entire fruit – flesh, pith, and peels. By charging up your water, you are delivering a double dose of goodness to your system. You may not realize the benefits of drinking orange water, so we’ve outlined a few of them on the list below.

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  1. Cancer Fighter

    Oranges have a wealth of compounds including liminoids and carotenoids which combat cancers of the lungs, breast, mouth, skin and colon. Scientists have found them to be easily assimilated into the body, giving cancer cells a reason to run.

  2. Fiber Source

    The fiber in oranges helps to clean out the intestines, pull cholesterol from the body, and control blood sugar levels. Combined with water, the fluids create a flushed and balanced digestive tract. In addition, the fermented fiber from oranges have been shown to increase healthy gut flora.

  3. Lowers Cholesterol

    Hesperidin, a flavonoid found in the fruit and peel, cuts down lipids in the blood and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Drinking water infused with orange and its peel has the ability to lower LDL.

  4. Ulcer Protection

    Vitamin C in oranges can inhibit the formation of ulcers in the stomach or intestines. Orange can prevent the ulcer-causing H. pylori bacteria from clinging to your stomach lining.

  5. Kidney Stone Prevention

    Citrate in oranges block kidney stones from being formed. Drinking orange water or juice releases citrate into the urine, creating unfavorable conditions for stones.

  6. Skin Booster

    Using orange water on the face as a toner helps to clean and shrink enlarged pores. You can either make a cold infusion or pour boiled water over the peels, strain and refrigerate. Your peel mixture can then be poured into a spritz bottle for the face or hair (helps with dandruff!)

    Internally, the antioxidants fight free radicals that can damage and age the skin. Keep it glowing with orange power!

  7. Eye Assistant

    Along with vitamin C, the vitamin A and potassium in oranges contributes to great vision health.

  8. Weight Loss Helper

    Fruit-infused waters are energy boosters that increase your metabolism. Orange water is your friend the first thing in the morning and throughout the day to help flush out toxins and get you on your way to losing belly fat. Having your orange water before meals can also help you feel fuller, reducing cravings and temptations.

  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

    Antioxidants and vitamin C combat the inflammation that induces arthritis flare-ups. Sipping on orange water can stop the inflammation before it begins.


Like apples, oranges come in a spectrum of types and flavors. Don’t limit yourself to regular navels for your water blends, try out some Cara Cara, Valencia, mandarin, or blood oranges. Slice them up and drop them into your water using one of the recipes in the video below, or come up with your own concoction. Keep in mind you can drink them warm or cold!

Another magical thing about oranges? In folklore, they’re considered to bring good fortune and a blissful love life. Drink up and don’t toss the peels!

Are you a fan of fruit-infused waters? Did you know oranges had more to offer than Vitamin C?


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