The Results of Her ‘Dream’ Haircut Will Shock You!

It’s fair to say that many women, at one time or another, have dreamed about flaunting thick, long, luxurious hair. And, though most can grow their locks out to practically any length they desire, sometimes the reality of maintaining the ‘hippy chic’ look can be far too high-maintenance to be considered bearable.

After cutting her hair “above her ears” three years ago, Paula had decided that she wanted to grow it out. But, like so many other women who get impatient with their long locks, she now feels that her mop is “so out of control,” even admitting that she “doesn’t know what to do with it.” We feel you, girl—no one said that taming mermaid hair is easy!

So, like the smart lady that she is, Paula has enlisted the help of the iconic stylist known simply as ‘The Makeover Guy’. She starts her consultation by telling him that her husband likes long hair, but that “she doesn’t care.”

And, though the Makeover Guy listens to her gripes about managing that mane of hers, he also tells her that the key is to bring out “the eyes, not the hair.” He, along with his co-stylist, agree on a length in which Paula seems to feel comfortable; right above the shoulders.

As he prepares his excited client for the cut, it’s all too evident that Paula is ready to have that extra weight off of her head, and the stylist picks up on this, too. “You’re fine with it being gone?” he reasserts. The lucky ‘makeoveree’ answers with a whole-hearted “Absolutely!” Well, at least she is completely ready for the big change!

After a dramatic initial chop, the Makeover Guy actually breaks the fourth wall, and speaks directly to the camera in front of him. “There’s no reason for this to be on her head!” he proclaims while holding out a big clump of her freshly-cut locks. Jeez, that’s one hair stylist who sure is strong in his decisions.

Now, this transformation wouldn’t be complete without a good old-fashioned dye job. The colorist explains that she has decided to go with a process that will give Paula’s already fair hair some added definition. Her goal is to provide her client with “lots of different blonde highlights.”

Once the cut, color, and makeup are all finished, Paula absolutely ‘cheeses’ her way through the exit interview. “I didn’t think it could be done, really, I didn’t,” the now-peppy blonde gushes. The expression on her face says it all—it’s obvious that her new look has given her a major boost in confidence!

To watch the Makeover Guy give Paula a completely unique haircut that looks SO good on her, be sure to click on the video below. We’re convinced—sometimes short IS the way to go!

What do you think of Paula’s haircut? Do you agree with the Makeover Guy’s choice in length? Have you recently received a makeover that you are just crazy about? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!