Woman Chops Off Two Feet of Hair in a Drastic Makeover Session

Be honest, have you ever been tagged in a Facebook photo that you really didn’t want to be tagged in? We all have at one time or another–and it’s the precise reason why our privacy settings are as tight as can be!

Of course, there are a variety of reasons that you might not want to to be tagged in a photo. Perhaps, your crazy friend from high school takes you on a wild night on the town and uploads a photo of you after one too many margaritas. Maybe you played hooky from work last week to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with your friends and you don’t want your boss to catch wind of it.

Totally understandable, right? Well, let us ask you this: have you ever ‘unaccepted’ a tag because your hair was too long? It’s a strange predicament, but it’s the exact situation that the star of today’s video found herself in. She saw herself in a photo and realized that the long hair was just not “her” anymore.

So, instead of wallowing in her grief, Angela, the long hair-hater, decided to do something about it. The 40-year-old visited the guru of all things hair, The Makeover Guy, aka Christopher Hopkins, so that she could finally get rid of those lengthy locks.

Happily saying ‘goodbye’ to her Rapunzel mane

If you’ve ever watched any of The Makeover Guy’s videos before, then you know that the seasoned hairstylist goes into each consultation ready to listen to his clients. Most of the time, the women are at least a little bit–or a lot bit!–anxious about their change. When that happens, Hopkins usually has to play therapist and get to the root (get it?!) of the problem before they decide on the big chop.

Lucky for him, though, Angela comes to the appointment, as she says, “an empty canvas.” The enthusiastic client explains that she has kept her hair uber-long for almost 30 years because her husband likes the style, but now that she’s the big 4-0, she’s ready to embrace her true self.

In terms of inspiration, Angela loves Robin Wright’s bold, slightly asymmetrical style from House of Cards, and she reassures the stylist that she’s fine with the massive change. Of course, Hopkins needs to double-check because it’s not every day that he chops off two feet of hair, but it’s more than obvious that his client knows what she wants.

Angela goes on to explain that she has another reason for the big chop; a friend of hers is transitioning and she wants to donate her hair so that her buddy can wear a human-hair wig. How awesome is that?!

Now that you know more about the background, it’s time for you to see Angela with the short hair she’s always wanted. To watch the incredible makeover journey for yourself, be sure to click on the video below. Spoiler alert: she looks so chic now!

We’d love to hear your take on this dramatic short hair makeover! Did you like her hair more before the cut? Do you like it better shorter? Have you ever received a dramatic haircut before?