Woman in a Rut Stuns Her Family With a Dramatic Makeover That Makes Her Look Years Younger

woman pre makeoverMAKEOVERGUY

Over the years, we’ve shared plenty of makeovers with you, from startling couples transformations to foxy grandmother style overhauls. And, with these makeovers, a lot of dramatic reactions have arisen from the subjects. For the most part, people LOVE the results–tears flow and “life-changing” sentiments are shared, but sometimes, subjects provide shocking responses…

Take the case of today’s subject, Terri. This Texan traveled all the way to Minnesota to get help from The Makeover Guy because she felt that she was really stuck in a rut–both mentally and physically. Unsurprisingly, the Makeover Guy hooked her up, making her look younger and much more revitalized.

And, can you guess how she reacted? It wasn’t with tears or shrieks. It was with a deadpan quip that is as hilarious as it is brutally honest:

“I’m surprised I don’t look homeless anymore,” Terri said to the cameras, as straight-faced as can be. “I look like I can be employed now. I’m employable.”

Ok, so it’s not the overly-emotional reaction that hairstylists are used to when they give this type of service, but knowing Terri’s story, it is the ultimate compliment.

At the time that she walked into the salon, Terri was a woman who saw her outside as “homeless” and “unemployable”–both of which she is most certainly not! Clearly, her confidence was nowhere as high as it should have been, but when you hear about Terri’s past year, you’ll probably understand why this day in the salon added so much value to your life.

You see, Terri’s year began when she and her family uprooted and moved to a new town full of strangers. Her husband, a busy professor, was away so much at work that she likened herself to being a “widow” (ouch!) and she was still reeling from the fact that her daughter was graduating from high school. To make things even more disorienting, Terri’s new town fell victim to a whopping THREE tornadoes.

Oh, yeah. And, two of her puppies died.

Yep, that sounds like a horrible, exhausting year if we’ve ever heard one. It’s one that sounds so bewildering; it’s no surprise that Terri’s look devolved from polished to “homeless” (again, her words, not ours!) in that short amount of time.

Once she finally had a moment to catch her breath from the shock of the past twelve months, Terri got the amazing makeover–and even had the opportunity to take her family along with her.

In the clip, she’s just shy of her 56th birthday. Personally, we think she looks great for 56 pre-makeover, but post-makeover–let’s just say she looks DECADES younger! Needless to say, her family was flabbergasted!

To see how the Makeover Guy helped Terri take back her confidence and shed those “homeless” vibes, be sure to watch the video below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Terri’s makeover! Are you a fan of the change? Would you have styled her differently if you were the Makeover Guy? Have you ever been in a style rut?